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WordPress Group Forum On Myspace

  1. This group was set up so members, can talk
    about related discussions or off topic discussions...

    Guide lines
    Myspace account: & account:

    What this group provides
    Group Forum
    Bulletin Board
    Group Photos

    Group Owner Teck

    My website

    My Myspace profile

  2. Sorry about that I forgot to add the Group URL:

  3. Notice you will not see all the features until you join the group

  4. I joined the group, thank you for setting it up.Keep up the good work and can't wait until the next addition comes out.

  5. thank you for joining taskf0rc354,

    and can't wait until the next addition comes out.

    will just have to wait and see :)
    you'll be the first to be updated...

  6. hey, what kind of people hang around in wp related forums? (just kidding - runs for cover). : )

  7. Hello kstafford, I always enjoy reading your posts you always have
    something funny to say... :)

  8. I'd actually check this out, but I don't do the whole myspace thing. I probably should, but I'm lazy and have just never found the time.

    Funny story though - I did have a cousin who was arrested by homeland security a few years back at 14 years old when he joked to another friend on myspace that they should "blow up the school" to avoid having to take a test. Kid's parents saw it, contacted the authorities - off he goes in handcuffs. Spent over 48 hours in jail without his parents or a lawyer being able to see him. Apparently they interrogated him fiercely demanding to know "his plan." A bunch of other parents that knew him (he was class pres) had to petition the school that he was not a terrorist to get him un-expelled for "making terrorist threats." Lord what confusing times we live in.

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