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    It’d be helpful in getting people together and creating more community if there were groups on wordpress (I’m thinking something like flickr’s groups). That way people can join groups of similar interests and facilitate dialogue. I specifically want it for photo criticism and having a dialogue on ideas on photography i post about. other people may create a “Critique My Poetry” group or something where people join and look at other blogs inthe group and critique each other.

    The blog I need help with is dividedskies.wordpress.com.



    There is the Off Topic and Showcase Forums here that you can ask for general feedback or brag about your site.



    yep, im aware of em but theyre pretty far from what i meant with the groups. Imagine in there was a page for groups, where you can search for and make groups.
    Lets use your blog for an example. you blog is about boating. you would be able to search for groups like (or used to be able to search for tags) tags, then you join a group you like called “Boating Enthusiasts”. On the group page, theres a showcase of freshly pressed posts from members of the group all pertaining to boating because the members’ blogs are all boating blogs (you could set rules i suppose per group). then on the bottom theres a discussion panel with threads like in flickr. so people could have boating specific conversations on the site.

    itd be a great way to get people who want to be active together. more effective than searching for blogs through tags. also more community.

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