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Wordpress hacked. ~ In need.

  1. Ok. My wordpress is fine but heres what happenned. I was removed from my blog and so were all my other admins and authors and I had some reports of a post. Now the post is gone and im back on my blog but someone named adamhackmode was an admin on my blog. I removed him immediatly but maybe you can check the removal? Here is his details when I pressed remove checked users.
    ID #2580003: adamhackmode
    my site is

  2. Send an email to [email redacted] please.
    You have been logged out (I changed the password) and I need to talk about the other guy.

  3. uuum hey mark i think you remember me, wwe adam thats what happens when you have many admins a hacker hacks one of them and add him self. you need to watch out so no hackers learn that somebody is an admin on your blog

  4. @icedrills. That is totally incomprehensible. Mark had already responded to the problem. I can't imagine what you were hoping to add.

  5. Corteego: dude u did that 2 him??
    Corteego: dude...
    619shawnhbk:like the other time
    Corteego: did u??
    619shawnhbk:im not saying
    Corteego: YES OR NO
    619shawnhbk:i sent an email
    619shawnhbk:he made me mad again
    Corteego: my planned tottaly worked..
    Corteego: thats wat u said
    Corteego: lol
    Corteego: wat happened?
    Corteego: like wat did he do??
    619shawnhbk:he made me mad
    619shawnhbk:on chewittts
    Corteego: no i mean how did he get suspended
    Corteego: wat?
    619shawnhbk:just bad things
    Corteego: lol
    619shawnhbk:emailed them
    Corteego: so wat your saying is u suspended him right??
    619shawnhbk:someone else might have
    Corteego: yes or no
    619shawnhbk:but i emailed them
    Corteego: saying wat
    Corteego: lol
    619shawnhbk:just bad things

    this was all an act he got chewys site suspended

    Help that site!

  6. Thank you for sharing.

  7. This is something to send to staff and not posted in the forums, so I would continue on conversations on this topic with staff please.


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