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Wordpress has a desperate need to think on widgets for the sake of its users

  1. When we started a blog on WordPress 3 months ago,a referral from my friend when I put to him which blog can i open with, we found this blog a cleaner, good presentable themes and so on. However as the days go by, a simple economics theory of human wants are unlimited and means are limited, our needs are going up however the lesser are the means we have at wordpress. We found to have our own features or add-ins, we need a or a custom css. However, being in a remote place and not so used to paypal, wordpress not giving additional forms of payment like credit card, we are unable to buy 1 credit at the least so far. Say for example, we wanted to add a skypecast, try adding it, we get a pagelong programming code listed on the blog rather than a small widget, reason is wp doesn't accept javascript code. If we try adding an online poll to our blog, it wouldn't. same problem, javascript. Somehow, this leads to a frustration for a blogger. We wonder why many features are disabled when the same are enabled for blogs like typepad and so on. Atleast why WP shying away to make the payments more user friendly enabling credit card payments etc and adding a shopping cart showcasing all the products even the widget plug ins.

  2. I assure you that wordpress does not have a desperate need although you may think you have one. is a multiuser version of wordpress. It is not the same software as regular version that you can get from

    At we are all hosted by wordpress and we are all working on the same shared WP multi-user blogging platform therefore, there are restrictions on what we can do without affecting all other blogs. The security of all the blogs here is paramount and until such time that wordpress can guarantee that scripting languages will not be harmful they will not be permitted.

    If you need proof of what javascript can do, it took Myspaces down, and it also took the 2 million users of LiveJournal offline

    There is a "please read me first before posting" sticky post at the head of this forum. It lays out the differences between and and it seems clear to me that your needs will be better met by hiring a web host and using a blog template from

    After you hire a web host and have him or her upload your free blog template from then you can import the contents of your blog into it and cope with your own security risks without involving over 700 thousand other blogs.

  3. Thanks Timethief for your comments. However What we're trying to present a different stuff. As a user, Everyone might not have such time and effort to go hire a developer and customise it to you rather pay the same money to Wp itself and use the ready built-in features. This is more realistic and logical too. As such we do not find any big advantage switching to what we're looking to is some solution where make its products more user friendly, more features enabled to buy, and a little freedom to add some widgets in specific, can even be a pay based. Technology is ever changing so as the user needs. When Microsoft released its initial windows, people are happy to double click mouse. When it s next version came, No one want to double click, just a single click. Those who are responsible for bringing new technologies to the market are also responsible to make new additions. WordPress is the best popular blogging platform, no second thought about it to anyone, however, at the same time, it also has a need to ensure its users needs are met with, irrespective of what platform they use, or How long can we tell users to go use for every query on something which we can't find it in Say for example, WP says Javascript cannot be enabled because of spam forcing certain blogging sites to be closed for certain days. However, Is this stopping other blogging sites from offering such features. No!! When You have a problem, You also have a solution. When You know Javascript is more prone to spam, You should be knowing a solution for that too.

  4. Any blogger answering questions on the support forum does so to their best ability and I have done that. However, we do not discuss matters of corporate policy on the forum.

    You will have to take this up directly with staff by sending in a feedback using the button on the top right hand corner of any blog page.

    Thank you, in advance for your cooperation and good blogging to you. :)

  5. i also think that wordpress does not offer a lot of things other bloghost offer is because it's available elsewhere, and as such users have the choice. other than the security issues and reasons. our blog host offers alternative features, which sets it apart from other blog hosts.

  6. Is this so? I'll take it to the staff for sure! However I think I followed the protocol properly..."Any problem shouldn't be taken to feedback level unless it is discussed in full form in the forums", I remember reading it somewhere in the millions of posts here in the forums. Anyways, I just brought it in the forums and now would take it to the superior level, "feedback". However, I advise anyone to just not tell to use for any feature they request. So, next time when user posts a query phrasing "javascript", We needn't say to use Instead we can tell him to seek feedback from staff!!! Sometimes, Forums also doesn't solve our problems..ISn't it??

  7. However, we do not discuss matters of corporate policy on the forum.

    Is this so?

    Yes, you came to the correct place to ask your question if indeed you wanted to know why things are as they are. And, yes, I did give you the correct answer to the "why?" we cannot use javascript.

    If you check the forum searchbox you will find that matters of corporate policy cannot be discussed on the forums and must be taken up directly with staff.
    On the bright side, making this pleading to staff will not be difficult for you because you can simply copy and paste into the feedback form.
    Bye now :)

  8. You're absolutely right, isn't suitable for everyone. The closest fit for the level of service you want (install a wide range of widgets without having to worry about doing your own software upgrades) would probably be Typepad. Yes, you have to pay, but the reality is that nobody's going to give you that level of service for free. And, since Typepad exists, it would make little sense for to duplicate it. If you refuse to use a Six Apart service because you have some form of loyalty to Automattic, that's really your issue rather than anyone else's.

  9. Thanks Wank and Timethief for your time and replies. WordPress has its own merits and we're so used to it that we cannot think to switch to any other service provider. As a loyal user of Automattic, I feel we can certain things what we wanted by demand as well as by request. Let me just do the same, take this to feedback, plead them, demand them.

  10. Hi All,

    Timethief and hromanager, from my perspective both of your points have substantial merit. Many of us do have a strong blogging loyalty to, and yet we do still often yearn for additional perks. It's a tension that, for the most part, we need to accept and live with. I left Blogger, which provides much of what hromanager longs for, but I've been pleased as punch about moving here to WordPress. As a sidenote, as time goes on, WP does continue to add more perks (e.g., widgets such as maps, audio, video, slideshows, etc.), and with a little of one's own HTML ingenuity, each author can, in some instances, adapt outside resources into one's own blog. Sunburstkamel, Lorelle, Raincoaster and Engtech are just four great examples of bloggers who do just that---and who also share their efforts with the rest of us.
    I think that this little thread has been a very useful one to think about. My thanks to all.

  11. Best bet would be to bring this directly to staff's attention. Please remember that they do have the VIP program which would give you the features that you're looking for. $250 a month sounds like a lot but when you compare it against the cost of a full time employee or monthly retainer for a consultant which would be watching over your site and servers and all that, it's a lot less. Plus you get the backups, the multiple servers for load balancing, etc.


  12. We'd surely look into it DrMike. This is what the kind of reply we were looking for. As You know, Money shouldn't be a constraint for a user who would want to derive the maximum benefit out of it. We just put forward that the number of options either as a paid service or free service need to be boosted by our guys and at the same time increase the number of options for an easy payment, best bet would be to add a credit card. One thing which we'd like to clarify and ensure everyone reading this thread is that we love to use wordpress and we continue to be and any remarks are just a suggestion for an improved QoS. We belong to a perfect business community and as you know business needs are endless. We forecast a tremendous increase in blogging by business communities in the near future and we're already suggesting many of our coallegues as well to blog on WP. This is just to let you know how much appreciation and consideration we do have for WP. We've forwarded this thread to WP feedback and would definitely hope they would hear to us positively.

  13. To be honest, it's a matter of how much you want to put into it. If you want to mess with the templates and whatnot, running the software from is the way to go. If you just want to blog and not worry about dealing with files and upgrades and security and the like, it's

    It is fairly easy to outgrow what we have here at Please rememeber that even I moved my blog off site for a few months.

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