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wordpress has an image problem

  1. I've been sitting here for more then one hour trying to upload one f------ picture (100k)and all i get is "this page can not be displayed" in the upload box, must have tied more then fifty times refreshing the page and doing it again. I'm about fed up, i can't run a blog like this, it's ridiculous. i know I'm not anywhere close to my picture limit and my server is working fine on other sites. HELP

  2. What browser are you using? Version as well please.

    What's the name of the file that you are uploading?

    Any firewall installed?

    Any proxy installed?

    Got a link to your site?

  3. Wrong forum though. We don't host our own sites here.

  4. Yeah, I was leaning towards that as well but we've had people complain about "my server" before meaning the server.

    If you are hosted elsewhere, you need to be over here as we're running a different code base than the normal WordPress that you download and install yourself. If so, make sure you answer those questions before you post or you'll just be asked them again.

    Goood luck,

  5. no i mean your server. i just have one of these freebie ones and when i go to <browse> and then <upload> it gives me "this page can not be viewed" in the box that is for sending the pic to the text box. i tried again today, same thing, different day :( . I've had problems before and generally have to do it a dozen times to to get an image working without the <javascript void> at the bottom left f my browser when i try to send it to my text box but now i can't even get there it won't load period, this is the worst. i use IE that came with XP pro. I upload pics and stuff on many different sites like and never have this prob till i come to WP. Any other browser that supports WP better?

  6. Jay, please answer the questions posed to you. :)

    Especally the filename one please.

    Also if you're getting a "Javascipt void" error, try double clicking on it as it may give you a better bug report.

  7. This wasn't by any chance connected to the hiccup Podz mentioned earlier was it?

    Have you tried again recently?

  8. Doubt it. The issue was first posted about yesterday.

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