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    I can’t seem to find the WordPress homepage anymore.

    The blog I need help with is floatingwiththebreeze.wordpress.com.



    The link is http://wordpress.com


    It is not working properly.



    Try http://en.wordpress.com
    Be aware that Staff are changing the “newdash” so the appearance is not the same as it was before. Moreover, it’s an ongoing work in progress so there will be more changes made.


    All looking rather blue. Freshly Pressed is nothing like it was and I still can’t get to the homepage. I’ll monitor it over the next week or so. Thank you.



    What Staff refer to as the “new dash” is vastly different from what we had before, without doubt. It’s usability is awkward and the click, click, clicking required to use it, not to mention, the missing links one used to have that were useful are missing. Setting that aside the kindergarten design and the right to left organization is unintuitive and annoying to all left to right readers … etc. The design is ugly and the usability sucks! Monitoring it is all I’m doing at this time as well.


    @floatingwiththebreeze, you can click the little grid icon next to “Freshly Pressed” at the top of the page to restore the tiled layout.



    the kindergarten design

    Even that is way to much credit



    I was practicing self restraint, while gritting my teeth.


    I’ve already discovered the little grid to restore the tiled layout thank you but to be honest I think the whole layout for WordPress has gone to the dogs. It’s boring, ugly and very user unfriendly.




    I agree with you the “new dash” layout is very, very ugly, rearranging how things appear on the page (particularly with the Reader layout). I don’t see it providing advantages for a better experience, or visiting a blog for the first time. My preference is for a more minimalist appearance, and darken their blue-colored bar.

    Have a good day.

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