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Wordpress .htaccess

  1. Okay so I wanted to have my posts show up with a date format as the url so I followed the instructions in the admin portion of wordpress to edit the .htaccess file so that it worked that was... I already had some information in the .htaccess file, what it allowed me to do is to have index.php to be accessible from when someone types in After I installed wordpress it stopped working. When I remove the wordpress .htaccess stuff it still doesn't work right. So now my links don't work because I have the links going to instead of
    Also whenever I find a link that doesn't work and click on it instead of going to my file it goes instead to a wordpress 404 file...
    Does anyone have any ideas? I'm pulling my hair out trying to fix this.

  2. If you can get at your .htaccess file, then your blog is not here at This question belongs in the forums over at

  3. Hmm, I thought thats where I was...

  4. Okay mod can you please close this, I'm posting at

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