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Wordpress Image

  1. Instead of having a text link to wordpress, I'd rather have an image link(HTML version) inserted into a text widget,.. is there a URL for such an image?

  2. You mean a clickable image that leads somewhere? I can get you the code. I have it saved. But is that what you're talking about?

  3. Yeah,. it should be just regular HTML,. but what I need is the image URL,. that'd be good if you have it,...

    If you mean those, I'll get them uploaded and with a URL if you like?

  5. The html code I use is this. But I still have no clue as to what goes in alt="Click here":

    <a href= url link of page

    ><img src= direct link to image

    alt="Click here" border="0">

    There are spaces after the =. And also a space before the alt.

  6. Yeh,. thats what I was looking for, thanks Podz,.

    snoop, the alt= command is what controls the text that appears when the mouse rests on the image

  7. Ohh,.. no need to upload it I'll do it,. THX.


    Link from there if you wish.

  9. We need some ones. :)

  10. So if I want text to appear on the image, I write it after alt?

  11. title is what appears when the image is moused over

    alt is what appears when the image fails for some reason.

    To get text over the image would need the image changing.

  12. I've tried title and alt but i think it isn't working.
    I tried it on the feeds.
    some explanation:
    Feed = whit alt
    comments feed = whit alt and title.
    For the people who wane look at it.
    They don't work, maybe it isn't aloud?

  13. They are allowed. They show up on my feed fine.

    Please show us a specific example of where you are using them in a post of yours, please.

  14. Here comes a part of tekst 2:
    comments feed

    Thanks a lot i've you can help me

    [Links edited - drmike]

  15. OK, I see the alts and titles fine in your feed and your posts.

    <img src="" alt="My dad" width="200" />
    <img src="" alt="my dad" width="200" />
    <a href="" title="Bestblog">

    And they're showing up in your feed as well.

  16. It's just about the feed in my sidebar and not the post because that goes automatic
    So are the old links right, because drmike change them. that you can read them normally.
    Thanks again.

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