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WordPress in London.

  1. There is a conference in London called The Future of Web Apps. It takes place October 3rd - 5th. There are lots of speakers and Matt is one. So, seeing as he’s here, want to meet up?

    The venue will be Excel London. They have bars we can use, their site lists travel links and if there are others at the conference they would be close by. Date will be October 4th, maybe October 5th too.


    And if you will be there, or are pretty sure, leave a comment so I know if to organise t-shirts and if so how many.

    (This post floated across dashboards some weeks ago when I blogged it, but in case it was missed....)

  2. I'd love to go but ... there's no way
    Have a great time. Take lots of photos and share them :)

  3. Man, if I'd had six weeks' more warning I could have swung this. Any chance you'll be at Northern Voice in Vancouver?

  4. I've no idea if Matt would be. I can't be though...

  5. Well, at least we can count on Lloyd. Seriously though, you'd love Vancouver!

  6. can absentees get a t-shirt as consolation? =P

    enjoy yourselves and post pictures..

  7. rain - do they have lots of shiny gadgets? That's the reason to love :)

    sulz - that would be soooo many t's though...

  8. mark: well, how many absentees have asked for a t-shirt besides moi? and what's a t-shirt in the grand scheme of 100 things to do before you die? look at no. 85. =P

    ps. hehe, don't mind me being obnoxious...

  9. mark: yes, and a new feature called a "Geowalk" where you walk...on Planet Earth! It's amazing!

    I think there were something like 50,000 photos from that weekend uploaded to Flickr, not counting the dirty ones.

  10. A room of really smart people would freak me out. And Leah Culver is only 24. Yeah I feel dumb. :O

  11. roadsofstone26

    Hi Mark - you can count me in.

    I know the venue - it's where they hold the London Marathon Expo and the London Book Fair, every year. Just drop me a line to firm up the details.

    I'd like to hear Matt speak, just not sure about the 245 squid to register though ...

  12. There's no squid - that's for the conference.

    This is free.
    There are bars and someone who commented on my blog suggested a pub.
    All anyone has to do is get there.

    We are meeting outside of the conf room so it's definitely no money for that.

  13. Ah yes, but will Matt do a re-run of his conference talk for all those who turn up at the pub ?

    That, you see, is the $ 64,000 (or rather 245 squid) question ...

  14. I think the invitation is for people who want to get together in London and chat, not people who want to circumvent admission price to an event. This seems pretty clear:

    seeing as he’s here, want to meet up?

  15. thistimethisspace

    I will move the earth to get to the next Northern Voice in Vancouver. Please remember to give me lots of notice. :)

  16. OK - sounds good Mark, but must be looking at the wrong blog since no details show up.

    Which pub and when ?

  17. This is the post and the pubs are mentioned in a link above the last comment.

  18. Oh heck, if only I'd read this when it was still possible to actually buy a plane ticket to the UK. That's smack in the middle of a major holiday here and available plane tickets are as rare as dodo eggs. :(

  19. Quite possibly. I will try and make some arrangements to get leave. :)

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