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    I am head of ICT in a secondary school in Middlesbrough, UK. I have used WordPress for a number of years as a personal teacher blog – http://www.macmillan-academy.org.uk/staff_blogs/mr_king/

    I am happy to say that since its introduction, we now have a large number of staff with their own personal Blog.

    I am looking into the feasibility of getting every student who joins us their own blog. I want them to use it to showcase their work throughout their school life and for friends, family and teachers to comment on the work they produce. I think it will help to instil pride in the work they produce.

    I would like to know what are the options for proceeding. We are a large school with 220+ students in each year group, so setting the blogs up student by student like we do for the teachers is not an option. I have heard something about WordPress MU, but not sure if this is related?

    Ideally, we would like to export a CSV list of our students accounts from our Network from active directory, and for this in some way to be used to generate individual student blogs.

    Any help on this mattar would be greatly apreciated.

    Many thanks




    You did not specify a blog address or reason for posting when you created this topic.

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    WordPress MU is supported over at WordPress.ORG (see the link above for their forum and a bit more on the difference) – I don’t know if you can feed a list into MU or not –

    There are also some sites that are geared to schools and education that allow you some control over things but they do the Admin stuff on their site so you could get out of being an Admin for 250 more sites. I will look in my notes and see if I can find the education sites.



    This was the only schools blog service I found in my notes – thought I had a couple of others – good luck

    Blogs for Schools




    Agree that edublogs may well be the place to go. It’s specific to requirements such as yours. My experience with edublogs has been positive, and I’m impressed with founder James Farmer.

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