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  1. Hello. I am trying to customize my WordPress blog by using FileZilla which was recommended by WordPress and It says I need my IP address. Can you tell me where to find it, please? My blog is at Thanks!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Wanda, it sounds like you might be reading instructions for a self-hosted install, which is very different from your hosted site: .com and .org

    You can't upload anything to your blog using FileZilla here, because most functions you need are included in your dashboard. What do you need to customize? You can find a lot of reference material in the Support area, or we can point you to the right instructions.

  3. I wanted to use my own template / theme. I thought with the upgrade that was possible. Can you let me know, please, and how to go about it if it's possible? Thank you!

  4. You can only use the themes here at

    Dashboard >> Appearance >> Themes >> Over 220 approved themes

    Outside themes are not permitted - security, reliability, and performance issues - all themes here are highly modified to meet WordPress.COM standards

  5. And there is no way to modify a particular theme?

  6. Most themes have some sort of modify built in to change how a theme looks (custom header, colors etc) - some themes have a mind boggling amount of options - themes are not my strong thing - I use a simple theme with not much changed on it

    if you really want to change the look of a theme you can buy the CSS / Custom Design upgrade ( $30.- / year) and change the look of the theme so much you can't tell what it started as

  7. Thank you Auxclass. I did purchase the upgrade but I am kind of stuck on where to start. I know how to customize a theme on blogger but I am a little lost on wordpress. (shhh That's our little secret, lol) I will continue to pick and probe until I figure something out. Thanks for your help!

  8. Maybe this will help a bit:

    If you have a specific question about how to change the looks with CSS - post it to the CSS forum - some great people help there

    You be welcome & good luck

  9. I'll sure check it out. Thanks! :)

  10. Thanx lettergrade for giving the info about FTP Access..

  11. No problem. :)

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