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    What IP ranges does wordpress use for its servers?

    The reason I ask is because I’m transferring a blog from WP.com to a server in a locked down datacenter (at Towson University), and in order for the wordpress import utility to work properly, I need to have the Towson datacenter staff allow outbound traffic to those IP addresses.

    Since they won’t just broadly open that server to the internet for a few days, I’m hoping you guys can help me out with a range of IPs that we can expose the server to.

    The blog I need help with is arabassa.wordpress.com.



    WordPress.COM does not support static IP Addresses. The last time I checked the six IP addresses below were used on my domain name (along with over 65,000,000 other blogs)



    If I were going to access WordPress from a locked down installation I would set up a proxy server in the DMZ rather than opening a wide range of IP addresses



    I appreciate the response, but this is not an issue of static vs dynamic addressing.

    A result from nslookup is not going to be an authoritative answer for the purposes of filtering; I am looking for an authoritative list of all the IPs owned or rented by wordpress.com so that we can modify the ACLs on a core switch.

    There is no way to issue a query from a remote system to get this information, someone who is familar with or has access to the zone configuration for wordpress would have to reply.

    This is a server in a datacenter whose network and domain we do not have access to or control over; I am a local administrator on the machine, but not a domain admin and cannot change any network settings determined by group policy. We can’t bring a server up in a DMZ or set up a proxy without being kicked out of the datacenter for violation of network policy, and traffic on this network is heavily and actively monitored.

    All I’m able to do is ask for all outbound traffic to be allowed from their server’s IP to a range of IPs.



    They don’t have a “range” – those are the six IP address’s used by all blogs here. I gave you the info about static as a caution about using only one address then when WordPress.com changes IP addresses you get upset. When I moved here three years or so ago there were only three IP addresses.

    What I gave you is what the staff will give you also.

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