WordPress is buggy right now!

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    There are quite a few WordPress.com users experiencing a variety of problems this evening/early morning.

    As a volunteer I have no insight into what the problem is. But if you are finding odd behavior with your blog, please post specific details: what the problem is, where you are located, how you connect to the internet, which browser and which version you are using, your operating system and which version, what you have tried to “fix” the trouble.

    We will hope the situation is cleared up soon.


    Japan – Safari 5.1.5

    I cannot edit my polls, upload pictures, edit my media, and the menu on the dashboard is broken for me.



    I agree with tennisfilmproduction. If I click on adding media, or editing visibility or anything on my posts, it doesn’t do anything. I also can’t edit text in my widgets or pretty much do anything expect post text blogs. I used both newest versions of Safari and Chrome, and have the same problems on both.


    Thanks, 1tess.

    For the record:

    I’m running WP in Firefox 14.0.1 on Mac OS X 10.6.8 from Singapore via home secure wireless.

    Custom URL for posts is not editable.
    Screen Options and Help are disabled.
    Dropdowns on Dashboard menus are disabled.

    CSS unresponsive script error:

    Script: http://s2.wp.com/_static/??/wp-content/mu-plugins/notes/mustache.js,/wp-content/mu-plugins/notes/notes-rest-common.js,/wp-includes/js/jquery/ui/jquery.ui.core.min.js,/wp-includes/js/jquery/ui/jquery.ui.widget.min.js,/wp-includes/js/jquery/ui/jquery.ui.mouse.min.js,/wp-includes/js/jquery/ui/jquery.ui.sortable.min.js,/wp-admin/js/postbox.js,/wp-content/mu-plugins/safecss/js/ace/ace.js,/wp-content/mu-plugins/safecss/js/ace/mode-css.js,/wp-content/mu-plugins/safecss/js/safecss-ace.js,/wp-content/admin-plugins/wpcom-track-admin-help/wpcom-track-admin-help.js?m=1342614284j:1388


    I use Firefox, tho I don’t think it makes a difference. I tried using Chrome, IE, Safari, and Firefox on Lion and W7 OS platforms. All of them give the same problems, cache cleared and everything. I can’t get any of the menu bar options to show up in the “text” box of a new post, but they are there for the “visual” box. Things like adding tags, scheduling a post time, copying a previous post, they don’t work. You click it and it just adds “#[entercommandhere]” into the URL box of the browser. You can’t even make drafts of posts, when I tried to do it, it just posted them as normal posts and I had to go back and delete them.

    Hopefully this gets fixed soon, it’s been going on at least 5 hours for me. I was in the middle of adding about 10 blog posts when it happened, so I was probably one of the first to start experiencing issues.



    Thanks 1tess.
    I have a high speed cable network.
    I was using Google Chrome. I tried using Internet Explorer but have the same issue.
    1. When clicking on the “media” icon at top of my post nothing happens. I get absolutely no response and no popup
    2. I can upload an image through the “set featured image” link so the photo shows it is connected to the post, but if I click “add to post” I get a blank screen.
    3. I thought I was out of memory so I purchased another 10 mg for $20. That did nothing (just wasted $20)
    4. I cannot publish my post now with any photos, which was the whole purpose of the post! Grrrrrrrrrrr.



    I am trying to set up my blog for the first time. I was able to select a theme but cannot move the widgets around and most other buttons are greyed out, making them unusable. I am using Windows 7, in the U.S., and have tried Firefox, Chrome, and IE to no avail. I am connected through AT&T servers. I have updated everything I can think of, and tried the other solutions being listed, such as clearing the cache. Very frustrating! Please fix this soon!


    I use safari, but looks like the problem is on wordpress. I spent the arly afternoon editing my blog and everything was working just fine, then in the evening certain functions just stopped working. I can’t add pictures to my posts, I can’t edit the location option (to make a post private or sticky) etc. I click but nothing happens. Also I annot copy a post as a template to write another post.



    Just discovered that Tags will not add either.


    Same problem, I click to insert media but nothing at all happens
    also when I try to link to text when I go to save, I get flicked to the posts page and changes are lost
    I haven’t done anything differently to usual – am on Mac osx, high speed, safari.



    I agree with all of the above and am having the same issues.

    Very frustrating that we don’t seem to be getting any response. I thought this was a 24/7 operation. I hope I made the right decision to use WP for my blog.


    I’m using the latest version of Firefox and I’m not able to add images to my post or access the “help” dropdown menu.


    I cannot add hyperlinks nor add tags I have tried safari and firefox, am on Mac OSX.



    In the Edit post window I have two issues since morning:

    1. In Upload/Insert section clicking on upload media icon does nothing.
    2. Adding categories worked fine but Add Tag button is ineffective.

    I am located in India. I tried using Chrome, Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox


    Firefox 13.0.1 America

    I can’t add tags to posts.



    To newbies: I’ve used WP for over 5 years (I have 3 blogs) and to their credit I’ve never experienced these problems before. There have been a few little bugs here and there, but nothing big. WP has always been the best.

    So, I’m expecting that this will be fixed very quickly. I’m headed to bed. I have a huge road trip planned in the morning and we have to be able to post our update photos before and schedule all of our posts for publishing while we are gone. I’ll be back in 8 hours and see how things are hanging. Cheers!



    I can also not add any media whatsoever. No pictures, no polls, anything. When I click the icon nothing happens:(



    Well, I guess I should also add my problems. First, I’m using the latest Firefox with Win XP. I cleared cache and cookies and even rebooted, no help.
    Can’t move widgets either way, help box is out, dropdowns show , but aren’t working. That’s all I tried before coming here to see what’s up, there might be more not working. Thanks to everyone who added the good advice and to the moderator who started this thread. Guess I can take the evening off,
    Happy Trails,,,,,,



    I use Chrome 20.0.1132.57 version (latest). Windows 7 Home Premium. I connect by wireless DSL.

    I can’t upload images with the add button in my current post. In a new post the cursor will move up to the subject field when I click upload/insert media.

    Adding through the WordPress iphone app works however. Although I can’t really select where in the post I am inserting to (I don’t know if that’s an app thing.)

    Also I can’t move the (previously) inserted pictures around my draft post like I used to be able to do. That started happening before the insert media problem started happening. Trying to select and drag the already inserted image makes the mouse cursor turn into the little icon that appears when you pull apart the size of a window by the corner. E.g. a corner arrow icon thingy…? And the image doesn’t move, nothing happens.



    I’ve tried different browsers, clearing cache but still can’t add media, polls etc.
    I’m in Australia.
    Hope it gets sorted out quickly. :)

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