WordPress is buggy right now!

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    @imeslebanon can you please try again now? a fix was just deployed.



    I just purchased the CSS upgrade yesterday and since then I’ve noticed that the dashboard is functioning a bit differently — the hover function for the menus on the left (“appearance” in particular is not working. More importantly, when I go to the “widgets” page, none of them will open.

    The browser I use for WP (and Youtube, etc.) is Google Chrome.

    My blog is (since yesterday) at: http://www.musicuratum.com (I registered the domain).

    I’ve some questions about CSS too but I’ll post them in that forum.




    Woohoo – It’s fixed! Thank you!



    Thanks WordPress!


    Hurray! The dashboard works!


    So does the polls!



    My problems is fixed at the moment. Thank You very much!



    If WordPress knows it has a problem why does it not email all members of such a problem ? Then again when it’s fixed.
    I use IE9 from Spain and I wanna play with my $60 upgrade I got yesterday !! Not a happy bunny !1


    Thanks for fixing WordPress :)


    @bluefishway Most of the forums are answered by WordPress volunteers and moderators, and we do not have the authority to send e-mails and such.

    A staff just saw this forum, fixed the problem in a flash, and now everything is back to normal.


    And luckily, these problems occur very rarely, so you will have plenty of time to work on your blog. :)



    A special thanks to yoavf
    Thank you for fixing this. :)



    Wish I could join in with the woohoooo but I’m still not working…

    (track back to my problem: I’ve been driven mad for four days, even considering moving my blogs and the blogs I edit because I can’t get on with work or pleasure writing. Grr.

    It’s images. I can upload them, unlike some here, but they’re not stable in the editing interface, zooming in and out when I so much as go near them with the mouse and being difficult to delete / access. Never had them behaving like this before and it’s driving me INSANE.) The old, published posts are fine – this is only happening in the editing interface.

    I’m using a MacBook Pro running the latest version of OS X Lion. This is happening in Safari (latest version) also Chrome. Have tried on PC at work, same there too. And yes, have emptied cache etc. No change.



    problems fixed.


    Problem not fixed for me. I cannot paste HTML because it only offers me the “Visual” and “text” tab. I currently can’t embed videos because there’s no option.




    The new Text tab works the same as the old HTML Tab


    @auxclass I pasted the HTML and it won’t keep it. When I save draft, it’s gone.


    Help, please. Can’t embed videos. Have pasted text and it won’t publish!



    I must have missed all the dashboard ‘fun’, but scheduling posts isn’t working for me – 2nd day in a row, the post I scheduled didn’t post and shows an error (‘missed schedule’, I think) on the Posts page. I tried rescheduling it twice yesterday (and, yes, visiting the blog – on multiple browsers – while logged out), to no avail. I wound up copying the content into a new post and publishing right away instead of scheduling. Same deal today, though I didn’t bother with rescheduling.

    I’m in the US, on Firefox, IE9, and Chrome. Blog is vyhphotography.wordpress.com. Have occasionally had this happen on nostareste.wordpress.com as well. I *did* quick edit the posts on my photo blog (added one more tag) – would this have caused a problem?



    How do I get support? My forum post is being ignored????

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