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Wordpress is counting my own visits to my blog

  1. While I'm logged into my blog and viewing my stats, I can select the drop down My Blog -> Read Blog. I click Read Blog. Then when I return to my blog stats it has registered another viewer. I really don't have a lot of readers, so I know it's counting my own visits when I "Read Blog". That doesn't seem right. Is it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Just checked mine and thought I had the same thing - repeated the process - nothing.

    Are you absolutely certain they're not, as mine was, just a coincidence - and do you visit your blog by that route enough for it to make a difference?

  3. It could have been coincidental because I just checked it again and it didn't happen (I had 0 visitors today and after going to "Read Blog" there were still 0 visitors). I have so few visitors that I would notice if I had a spike of 4 visitors in just a few minutes.

    And I don't usually visit my blog that way - in fact, I think it's a new feature, or it's more accessible now so it seems new to me, so I've never done it before.

    Anyway, thanks for your comments.

  4. I stay logged in and open new tabs to view other sites. Ie. right now I have Boomer radio and 2 tabs open. Who says guys can't multi-task?

  5. @stitchsister
    You are correct in thinking that your visits to your own blog will not be counted, provided you are signed into when you visit. Here's the link to the relevant entry in support documentation > If you are positive that your own visits are being counted when you are signed into then you will need to report this to Staff.

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