WordPress is importing different photos!

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    When I upload 10 photos from a folder in ‘my pictures’, wordpress is uploading about 8 and choosing the other 2 photos from a totally different folder. I have used wordpress for over a year and had no real problems. Recently adverts have appeared as I think I attempted to join adsense at one point. Could it be this? Any help please as I desperately need to add these photos? thanks in advance………

    The blog I need help with is sharonyoungphotography.com.



    I don’t think it has anything to do with the ads. Can you review how you are uploading the photos? Batch/flash uploader?



    A web site does not directly access specific folders when uploading. The files chosen to upload are transmitted by the web server based on selections made through a file browser/chooser tool launched by the web browser. This is likely a web browser issue perhaps caused by a bad plugin. We have seem any issues related to bad plugins causing advertising issues seen to them which are not part of the web site (blogs, dashboard, other sites, etc). You may be able to verify this by running a different type of browser. For upload issues as you described, your local file selector program may be affected.


    Hi there, I have internet explorer, Do you think I should download Firefox or something similar? p.s I’m not too familiar with how all this works, i’e I’m not sure about what you refer to Motre as a bad plug in. Are you talking about the ads? Raincoaster, I use the multi file uploader as I need to upload sometimes 20 photos at once. thanks in advance,



    motre may be on to something there. We have had a lot of reports of people having problems with their browsers that cleared up right away when they took off the add-ons and plug-ins. That means things like Google toolbar, Post to Facebook, etc, built into the browser. If you have those add ons or anything like them, try stripping it out. If it makes no difference, then you can always add them back provided you keep track of them.

    It could, however, be related to the names of the images. Are you uploading files with numbers as names, or are you uploading files with words, like BobAndJoe.jpg or 94474840390898487404.jpg? Because WP.com is bad with names and it might be grabbing the wrong file because they both have the same name.


    Hi, I use adobe photoshop and I did notice an error message when i used the ‘files, save as for web and devices’ option but can’t remember what it said. The photos are saved with their original file number which has letters and numbers. I will try to strp out the add ons if I can work out how to do that, cheers



    Or just change the file names of the ones that are giving you trouble. Just change them to anything as long as it has no punctuation and try re-uploading it.

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