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Wordpress is not for people over 15 ??

  1. Under "Blog information" the following kan be found;

    "If you come across a blog which you believe to be primarily adult-related or too mature for a general audience, please let us know below."

    Is it a joke or is it garbage from the time WordPress was intended för chatting teenagers??

  2. I think its talking about a sex blog or crap like that

  3. That was... ROFL! Mummy, my tummy hurt!

  4. WordPress was once a chat place? News to me.

  5. cpsecretpenguin

    I think they just mean adult content like porn.

  6. "adult related" = you are posting clips of "1 guy, 1 cup" or other crap (no pun intended) like that.

  7. I don't believe nudity is frowned upon here at WordPress. Case in point: Anonymous flasher girl is at #20 for the WordPress Blog of the Day.

  8. That's totally tits! :-)

  9. is not for the thin-skinned, period. Welcome.

  10. ewww, gross. She just said thin-skinned period. I don't even want to know what that is! C'mon, Rain - there are just some things we don't talk about in public (much like my decade in Hungarian prisons) :-)

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