WordPress is not user-friendly for novice

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    You need to pay more attention to the new user’s experience.

    I just spent FIVE HOURS… and I am sick in bed so this was extremely bad for my health… just trying to find the PUBLISH button on some content that was left to me — a brand-new and basically unwilling Admin — to put up onto my group’s public website. It was utterly insane that it WAS NOT OBVIOUS TO ME that that text (which displayed PERFECTLY as long as I was logged in, but frustratingly displayed “oops no such page” to the public) was left in what you call “DRAFT” form, and it should have spelled out for me HOW TO ACTUALLY PUBLISH IT.

    Every other similar project environment I’ve worked in… eg Wikipedia… goes to GREAT LENGTHS to make those steps clear.

    *** I WILL NEVER AGAIN USE WORDPRESS FOR ANYTHING *** It is shocking to me how much baloney there is all over their website… “ooh use wp for this and for that!”… and yet how little actual help or thoughtfulness is in the actual product.

    The blog I need help with is acgreens.wordpress.com.




    Sorry to hear that.
    Give it a try one more time with the help of this wonderful tutorials provided by wordpress.com





    None of these videos apparently cover my topic, according to their descriptions.

    I need to make clear that I am not willing to become a WordPress expert, I was only given the one task. I did figure it out, so I no longer need help.

    I am just trying to turn my rage and frustration into constructive suggestion FOR WORDPRESS ENGINEERS.

    I was told by a “wp expert” that this forum is the ONLY way to communicate with WordPress. Is that not true? So wordpress IS NOT INTERESTED IN FEEDBACK?????? If so, THAT PROVES MY POINT 100% !!!


    Hello, fellow wordpress user. The button to publish a post is in the top right corner of the edit post screen the buttons backround is blue and the text is white. Its quite easy to see so could you look around next time and not complain because its in plain view if you look so its very disrespectful to say what you did.



    Hey, sorry to hear you were having trouble using WordPress. On the free plan, you are able to get support here on the forums, from other users and community experts. WordPress.com does offer live chat and email support with on all of the paid plans, which start at just $4 per month, and also include a custom domain, more space and design options and are ad-free. Check it out here: https://wordpress.com/pricing/


    Hi tinakimmelwp,

    I’m glad to hear you figured this out in the end. If you need any further help, just let me know and I’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

    this forum is the ONLY way to communicate with WordPress. Is that not true?

    These forums are where we provide support for WordPress.com sites using the Free plan. As @parkcityj mentioned, Live Chat and email support are available through paid plans, but you can still receive support here without one :)

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