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Wordpress is running slow

  1. WordPress is running slow and when I leave a comment on my friends
    blog he said to me that it's not showing up in his comment section
    to be approved? is this happening to anyone else???

  2. I forgot to mention the comments on my blog are showing
    up when I leave them?

  3. The comment part is resolved but is wordpress running slow for
    anyone else?

  4. yes it is for me. my comment posted appears and then disappears.

  5. same happen to me too
    thank you for your reply
    I thought maybe i was
    getting caught in the
    spam folder... =)

  6. ok my comment disappeared for good now. maybe stop for a while.

  7. wordpress is working fine on my friends computer
    but forget it on my computer wordpress is still
    running slow on my computer...

  8. wordpress is running slow here too.

    I don't know what is the reason.

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