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Wordpress is shit

  1. Once again I've spent two hours writing a review only to press publish and the whole bloody lot dissapears. Somebody shut wordshite down!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. During those 2 hours it should have automatically saved as a draft

  3. 2 hours and you didnt save or copy just in case? your posts are remembered by WordPress look on your dashboardits not lost

    sorry timethief x

  4. Oh no a totally free service has ruined my life! Arrrgghh panic!
    If it's shit don't use it. I disagree with your opinion though, I think it is awesome.

  5. Maybe it's poetic justice and the universe is getting you back for all the animals you shoot.

  6. moved to the Off Topic forum…

  7. Two hours? Strange! Try These:
    Below the post editor of that post, lookup for 'Post Revisions'. Automatically saved versions are stored there. If you didn't find any 'Post Revisions' tab, then click on 'Screen Options' and mark [x] Post Revisions.
    If you were using WordPress.COM dashboard, then please note that It automatically saves your post as a draft in first 5minutes. If still it didn't, then be sure that your internet connection was active for those two hours or atleast 5 minutes. You can SEARCH the support about Automatically saving of posts and Post Revisions.

    There are some Offline Editors and another version of WordPress. From now, let never lose your hardwords (hard works) and press 'Save as Draft' at least once during writing, to enable Auto-Save.

  8. ~~1tess You moved it when I was writting. ;)

  9. I wrote half of the article last night and came back to it today, it saved the first half. When I clicked publish it gave me an error message and then it was gone. In future I will write the article as a document then copy and paste, much safer. Got to go and shoot some animals, thanks for the replies.

  10. lettershometoyou

    Out of about 400 posts I've written over nearly 5 years, this has happened about 5 times, but not for the past three years at least. I know how it feels to spend ages getting a post to be the way you want it, and then have it disappear - when you have to do it over, you never get it the same. I

    I thought it was a glitch that was taken care of ages ago. Nevertheless, it's always a good idea to hit save draft while writing, and before you hit publish do a copy and paste. You never know.

  11. Long ago, when this was a frequent problem, I learned to hit Select All, Copy All, before pushing "Publish". This has saved me a great deal of heartache.

    Well, that and switching from IE6, which seems to handle cookies in a way that causes this.

  12. The very best way to avoid this happening is to an offline editor use Windows Live Writer or Ecto to publish to your blog.

  13. @wpgaurav
    sorry, but did that affect what you posted? Otherwise, I suppose it was one of those odd coincidences where things just line up for no apparent reason.

    I'm just another volunteer so I can not see anything going on "behind the scenes." If your post was lost or something, then I'm sorry.

    As a moderator, I look for spam and duplicate comments, rudeness, unkind remarks, and posts put into the wrong forums. Other volunteers mark threads as "modlook" so I also check those because I'm not always able to be here.

    I was on vacation / away, at the same time Staff was on sabbatical recently, so there were an amazing number of threads marked "modlook." To make things worse, now my home wireless is acting like molasses so I can't check as often as usual.


  14. @Tess :) No problem. I was just kidding. I treated it as a serious problem -- but it went to off-topic [forum].
    Are you alone as a moderator? Where is s1lk? [I didn't find anything in the question that made it an off-topic question, except Title.]

  15. I always write my posts in document and then I copy-paste it. It's the safest thing to do.

  16. @wpgaurav
    Yes, it is a serious problem, to lose a couple of hours of work. And yes, it is good that you and others answered the OP seriously.

    My thinking (as well as several other volunteers who tagged this thread to be moved to the Off Topic forum) was and is that the first poster was not so much asking for advice but letting off steam. The Off Topic forum has lots of topics, from silly games, foolishness, venting, and serious posts. Lots of people read this forum just because it can be interesting. So moving a thread here is in no way belittling its importance.

    I am not the only moderator, but as you know, we are all volunteers. s1lk is still around as far as I know, and is still a mod, but perhaps things other than English forums are currently important to him.

  17. I agree.

    And thanks for the info about sl1k (not s1lk).

  18. I agree with the agreement. ;-)

    It's a horrible feeling to lose information. Even worse to turn the feeling outward, into something violent, and lash it out on everybody else -coming to the tech forum and saying that "WP is shit" and that it should be shut down. Plenty of suggestions. No apology. It's unfortunate b/c our society makes it easy not to take responsibility. But it's not fun to watch people being rude to the techs.

  19. ha. typos: me.

    He has various spellings for his persona over time, but on the modlook forum, it is indeed Slik with a link to sl1k as username. May could be he will notice us talking about him?

    It would be useful for others if we tagged this thread in some useful way. Maybe not "WordPress is Shit" but something.

    I'll start with "lost post when saving" so others can find it as per the good advice here.

  20. I do exactly the same as bokunosekai- I always write my blog on a word document before posting it in the WordPress blog space. So it's always backed-up, and also I can review it multiple times without my internet exploding or my laptop overheating and crashing just with a few internet windows open.

    Note to Self: Get new laptop.

  21. I write all my posts in draft and I save, save, save - every few minutes. Also, if my connection is being glitchy I make doubly sure and click the HTML tag to grab the whole of the post and I paste it into a Notepad document which I then save. I take no chances as both the internet and computers are strange and often unreliable beasts! (And so is my memory, come to that!)

    Oh and for me WordPress isn't shite... except on the occasions that it is. And on those occasions almost everything else is shite too! ;)

  22. I write a lot 1 thing the internet has taught me that banks never could is save save save

  23. I never thought I would say this about Microsoft, but in instances like these, Word is King. I also back up my word docs (and all others) on an external drive. As absurdoldbird said, computers are strange and can be unreliable.

    Take no chances and take no prisoners!

  24. Why bother with WORD when you can use Windows Live Writer which automatically backs up every post and page you create on your own computer? I also have an external hard drive for back up.

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