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Wordpress is useless!

  1. Why? I can't add my Etsy badge. I can't add a Ringsurf. I can't add my data. I can't add Project Wonderful ads. Is there anything I can do besides static HTML? oh fun! I'm seriously considering an alternative. Giving my money to another service which is more useful would make me feel better. Please correct me if I'm wrong!!

  2. Well, if that's what you want to do, there's nothing stopping you. is a free service which comes with limitations like any other free service. If it doesn't suit your needs, look somewhere else. But be aware that there may be things here that you didn't realise you valued until you lose them.

  3. Well sure WordPress is useless when changing your oil in your car. And never count on WordPress when bungee jumping. And WordPress won't help you solve the energy crisis, even if you did stay at a Holiday Inn last night.
    But it is a nice blog community.

  4. If you're so strong on your opinion with that, than leave.
    All of us here like WordPress and we're keeping the community alive.
    Me for an example, if I don't like a web service or something like that, I don't go complaining on their forum.
    I suggest you leave before you cause even more of an issue.

  5. correction xtap; government, big corps, they can't (won't?) solve the energy 'crisis'.
    but you can bet there's a blog or two on wordpress that can, most likely has, if their ideas were ever put into practice.

    which blogs? problems solvers; those that are blogging, not bitching.

  6. Exactly.
    You obviously don't understand the true value of blogging. Is it OK of me to ask why you would need ads on a free service anyway?
    Also, isn't about all that fancy stuff, it's about hosting a user-friendly blogging community. To me is one of the best because of it's large number of popular blogs.

  7. "Giving my money"? WordPress is free so I'm not sure who you are giving your money to.

  8. vivianpaige,
    I completely agree with you, and I stated that in my post just above yours. There is no need for you to earn money through ads while using, you're just waisting your time setting that up. Or trying to for that matter.

  9. Thanks World press,i like this better than my other blog..

  10. @ maribela
    Of course, if you were polite we could tell you how to use your Last FM data and your Etsy account and any number of other things, but now I for one won't.

  11. Hi there!

    I suppose Maribela intends to fully commercialise her blog while skipping payment to wordpress for negotiating for the service, such as CSS designs and such. Do correct me if I am wrong.

    I do believe one can talk about his job and the products he/she comes across or is dealing with and such. But adding adsense and alot of other commercial links (which also invite nuisance such as ad crawlers n spams loaded with Trojans) is not quite possible with wordpress, which is good because things are kept neat here.

    But I do suggest WordPress considering having its 'community forum' to chit chat and promote our blogs, and also suggest some 'good' ways for those who intend to get some fundings for their blogging if it doesn't seriously go against the philosphy of the current team.

    But I hope nobody politicise such issues here. We should be a cordial community. And bashings and such will only bring escalated attacks for nothing. I like WordPress alot because so far, it is the most well done blog host. It's quite steady, and the customer service is pretty good. So far, another commendable site in terms of service quality I come across is Forumotion (the forum provider).

    I think when a team is doing a good job, we should be generous with our praises. But lets not be too quick to condemn Maribela. Everyone is different.

    Just my silly view. :)


  12. Raincoaster,

    Can we add adsense and such??? How??? Hahaha...

    How about me buying you Singapore's Hainan chicken rice in return?

    Hi Vinny765!

    I think everybody has their 'preference ideology' about blogging. But I suppose we should try to be accomodating or at least be tolerance, or how shall all the various people from various backgrounds come together in peace?


  13. We should indeed try to be polite in the forum. The first post sets the tone.

  14. Raincoaster,

    Take it easy.

    Don't let a little difference spoil your day. :)

    Eg. When I design the approach of my blog, how to present it, how to play with it, there will always be people who view it in various manner. Just the 'Bimbo Queen' (Xiaxue)'s blog, I don't think she is necessarily that bimbo or express like that in real life.

    I suppose the least we can do is to be nice on our part.

    Got to run. Have a nice day!


  15. I am easy: ask my ex-boyfriend!

    But I'm serious: the first post in a thread sets the tone. If someone is rude, accusatory and abusive, they have indicated they find communication in this manner acceptable. And the Golden Rule applies; if you don't like being talked to that way, don't talk to people that way.

    But you're never rude. It must be all the Malaysian food you eat!

  16. Hi Raincoaster!

    I am not a Malaysian.

    Well, it's a big global village out there. My blog started out in China, lotsa loves n kisses... Then coming to wordpress... encountered another range of attitudes and such. You can say, some find it offensive, some just find it hilarious, and some...

    No matter, it just shows it's a waste of time getting agitated over differences. ;)

    Your boyfriend is much envied, he got such an easy-going gal.

    I am a Singaporean, with a not-so-Singaporean mindset. :D


  17. But you said you ate Malaysian you make the Malaysians eat Chinese food? It IS a global village. I live in Canada and I had dim sum for dinner.

  18. Canada is a great place to be considered my migration.

    Dim Sum makes me think of Zhu Hai.

    Best dim sum in a great restaurant and paying hawker food prices in Singapore.

    Must go again soon.


  19. This thread was started by one angry post from one person who has only ever contributed once to the forums and who doesn't have a link to their blog. Sounds suspicious to me.

  20. [Posting spammy junk gets your blog suspended and your ability to post more junk removed - Mark]

  21. Speaking of suspicious, you're a spammer, gervis, and you've already been reported. Cut your losses and go away now.

    james, some threads just go that way. A lot of people are upset, and there is no sticky thread, so they start a new one to vent. It happens all the time. But gervis has been all over the forums leaving spam links. If you look at the blog he lists, you'll see it's got ads on it. HE is a spammer. The first person was just an angry noob.

  22. Hi all!

    Let's cool down.


    Why are you so upset? I am puzzled.


  23. Scope, I'm not upset. Why do you always think I'm upset? I'm just Irish!

  24. Trying to find were this thread is going...

    I for one have experimented with Blogger, Live journal, a small free blog space. This mostly because I wanted to learn how cyberspace works.

    However I came back to wordpress. Everyone of these companies pose their advantages and disadvantages. you can work around these if you are willng to put in the time.

    blog communities can allow you to match up multiple internet accounts, blogs. last fm omething i am about to put in at mybloglog community, with my and self hosted blog.

    to fan the flames: raincoaster: you read "I_can... Cheeseburgers? "(i couldnt believe my eyes in the forums) thats really cute ;)

  25. Of COURSE I read Cheezburger. Doesn't everyone?

  26. well if you like poor grammar why don't you just read my blogs?

  27. Because Cheezburger and ihasahotdog take so long to load I don't have time for any other blogs.

  28. Rain - I don't read ICHC - am I missing out on something? Did the format change? Have they lernd how to spel yet? LOL

  29. thay r hierin so b nise

  30. i'm not in teh mrkt fer a dchobb wid dem

    gud lug n e weigh

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