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Wordpress is useless!

  1. thx i yooze u 4 refrins?

  2. I certainly wasn't expecting this much response to my frustration. To answer some of your questions:

    1. I am not spam.
    2. I do blog here at
    3. I paid to edit my CSS.
    4. I paid to redirect the above named domain.
    5. I was an angry noob.
    6. I was venting.

    @ rosclarke.
    Thanks for the advice!

    @ vinny765.
    Please don't pretend to know me. I believe you took my complaint to heart. That was all :)

    @ raincoaster.
    I wasn't trying to be rude, but it seems that you took my post personally. Maybe because you're a founding member of the service and features the site has to offer. I suppose I still can't do the things I mentioned because no one else told me I was wrong.

    @ scopettg. I loved the commentary! I'm actually a big fan of targeted advertising and services which cater to handmade goods. Having said that, the idea is not to commercialize my space but allow independent artists, like myself, to promote their quality handmade products while benefiting themselves, myself (and potentially WordPress, if they'd like to negotiate something). I'm aware of the bad connotation the word 'Ad' may bring, but there are other alternatives to the type of advertising that most people are aware of on the internetz. There are endless opportunities in this space for every consumer because after all aren't we all?

    Thank you all for the responses! Of course, I won't let my money go to waste, since I recently started with the service so I will hold off until I need to renew and will consider another service then if I am still not satisfied.


  3. @ Maribel.
    I didn't take your post personally. I don't take posts personally. But when you establish a tone, you don't get to complain if people use the same tone in your thread. That's all I was trying to say. I'm not a founding anything at, btw. And I did say those things were possible, at least some of them.

    If you want to tell STAFF and the designers and programmers that WordPress is useless, please use your Support button on the dashboard. The forum is staffed by volunteers who are not here to address emotional issues.

    If you have technical issues, you'll get solutions quicker if your title reflects the technical, rather than the emotional issues.

    You can add an Etsy badge. You just use the HTML code rather than the javascript code. See this post:

    You can add the code within a text widget.

    What is Project Wonderful? You can't run paid ads, nor affiliate ads.

  4. I could contact staff, but I highly doubt that they would allow Flash and Javascript simply from my request. I don't understand the ideology behind WordPress' business model, but that's possibly how it's trying to differentiate itself from all the other blogging services that allow such codes or it's a bandwidth of resources issue.

    You have confirmed in your reply that I can't add a Flash based Etsy badge. There is no such thing as an HTML badge unless you consider a text link a badge. Same goes for data. It's all Flash based as well, but thank you for trying to alleviate the problem. I appreciate that! Project Wonderful is an auction based ad broker, which allows advertisers to bid for ad space on their specified web of choice, while earning publishers 75% of winning bids. Btw, I'm glad WordPress came to its senses by allowing linking from posts to external shop sites. Good G, that would have been terrible!

    It was my mistake to have not done my homework in choosing the right blogging service, although, I would not recommend the service to someone looking to expand their scope of visibility.

    At least I found that this was a topic of conversation that people found interesting and that they too wanted to express their own opinions of the service through their responses to my post. Thank you!


  5. maribela - You're wrong about lastfm. To see one on a blog look at the sidebar here:

    I've also seen etsy stuff, but don't have an example handy.

  6. davidscubadiver

    This raises very timely issues. I recently started what could quite possibly be the most important blog in the history of the World (wide web). My hopes, of course, are to eventually generate an enormous amount of traffic and then to have mega corporations contact me to see about paying me for advertising space. I figure, if I could make just ten million dollars, I'd be thrilled. So, now I am wondering ... will I have to leave WordPress behind and use a commercial blogging site if and when I am discovered by the mega corporations interested in paying for my content? And should I worry about building my loyal readership up on a free website? Is there no way to "port" my loyal readers to the new and improved ad-full site that may be in my future?

  7. @davidscubadiver - Get the domain mapping upgrade (details in the FAQ) so that when you move on your url and your readers will go with you.

  8. davidscubadiver

    Whew. Now my loyal reader (soon to be plural) won't get lost in the shuffle.

  9. I was just going to chime in that "useless" describes when you've spilled toothpaste out of your mouth and onto your shirt, creating a nice and neat looking white stain around your chest area, and then you try in vein all day to blot it out by applying water.

    One feels like John W. Booth after he was found and shot: (Booth - looking at his hands) "Useless.....useless."

  10. @ellaella. thanks I found the image widgets. I wasn't sure if they still had those available, but apparently they do!

    I'll keep looking around for etsy content I can place here.



  11. Sorry for the question but what is an 'etsy badge' and Obviously I am a very newbie at this.

  12. Etsy is an online shop for crafters and artists to sell their wares. They offer codes for putting in your blog a link to purchase things there: Jessica Doyle seems to do very well selling her art via Etsy. is a music site that lets you put your playlist in your sidebar.

  13. >>>I am easy: ask my ex-boyfriend!

    Well it's bloody news to me that raincoaster is a woman!

  14. @davidscubadiver, I wouldn't worry. If your blog really does turn out to be that important, you can always upgrade to the VIP service and you'll be able to do whatever you want with it.

  15. @ mike: EVERYONE says that.

  16. I hope your ex-boyfriend doesn't say that. ;)

  17. I hope your ex-boyfriend doesn't say that. ;)

  18. Well, he keeps phoning so either he doesn't say that or he's come to terms with being gay.

  19. I hope your ex-boyfriend doesn't say that. ;)

  20. @raincoaster: After I hit Publish, the more-aware but dormant part of my mind went ... uh, was that correct?

    Now I'm all frikkin confused.

    And besides that, I hate you!

  21. Hey maribela!

    You may be better off on Blogger if you wanna be able to add your Flash and javascript based gizmo's. Being able to dump javascript, flash, <objects> and <embeds> in Blogger easily is what keeps me on that platform instead of jumping ship to WordPress completely.

    I guess you have to just weigh up which platform suits your blogging needs better and base a decision on that.


  22. Maribela, just because you can't use the javascript way to link to your Etsy doesn't mean you can't link to your Etsy. I know people who have just created their own button, added it to their sidebar as an image and linked the image to their Etsy store. It's very effective, and shows that even within constraints (that have well-thought out reasoning behind them) one can still accomplish what they need. Another example is my paypal donation link at my blog. I've created a button that gets far more attention than any old javascripted paypal logo ever would've.

    Go check out what I mean. I bet you notice it as soon as you load my blog.


  23. jamesrobertdeal

    Could someone please give me some coaching on how to format my text? Is there a help article on the subject? My spacing is inconsistent. My fonts are different from what I uploaded. I write these articles in Word and copy and paste them into WordPress. Should I put them into a text editor first to strip out the formating? Why is it that WordPress offers no fonts of its own? I tried BlogSpot and had the same problem. Take a look at my bad formatting: What am I doing wrong? Any advice would be welcome. E-mail me at: [email redacted].

  24. Um, you shouldn't put your email address in a forum. You're going to get a lot of spam.

    As for the formatting - using Word is your problem. There is a special paste from Word icon

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