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    Seriously, I tried to log in several times and said my username didn’t exist – which it does.
    Secondly, I just wanted to post in my darn blog but nothing but problems. I click New Post and my site slides down the bottom and up top shows an area with certain choices (this is completely different from anything I’ve seen before). One choice IS New Post> but it does nothing.

    So… so much for trying to resurrect this blog — I keep going back to Blogger because it is SO EASY and doesn’t ACT WEIRD – and I can just go POST — and get it done – and not screw around for 20 precious minutes wondering “gee, i wonder why it says my username doesn’t exist, when I’m already logged in with it. hmm” or “Gee, I wonder why I can’t freaking just MAKE A BLOG POST, which is what this place is supposedly all about. hmmm”

    Just want to be able to make a post, without a song and dance. Did WP do some update or something where everything is screwy and I just don’t have the latest updates. OR WHAT.

    The blog I need help with is twistedkilt.wordpress.com.



    Volunteers answering support questions here on the forum that’s only for free hosted WordPress.com bloggers cannot assist any blogger who does not provide an active link starting with http:// to the blog, post or page in question. Please do that now.



    Oh, of course. Big time rules. well, you have my username (that doesn’t exist half the time) so I guess we could figure out that its twistedkilt.wordpress.com

    Also — how do I get rid of that annoying section that announces how many blog posts I’ve made “YOU’VE MADE 24 POSTS!” and has a “goal” for me to reach. (really?) and some quote from someone I don’t care to hear from right then. Can I get rid of this new, really cool, rad and totally annoying thing I never asked for?



    Unless you want to have to contact Staff for all your support issues, and wait for every answer in their queue I suggest that you put your childish sarcasm and rudeness on hold. https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/wordpresscom-forums-code-of-conduct?replies=1

    You can disable “get instant feedback” here Dashboard > Users > Personal Settings

    As for any other questions you need answers to I don’t respond to anyone who affects rude and trollish behaviors I report them to Staff.


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    Oh, of course. Big time rules. well, you have my username (that doesn’t exist half the time) so I guess we could figure out that its twistedkilt.wordpress.com

    Avoiding any puns about getting knickers in a twist, please understand that as volunteers, we cannot see a link to your site unless you post it here in the forums: only staff can. If you need help, then it is usually necessary to take a look at your blog in order to provide an accurate answer.

    Our (volunteer) time is at least as valuable as anyone who asks for help here. If your blog is public, then a request for a link is not out of line.

    Keep in mind that The Powers That Be are revising quite a few things including how we access the dashboard. We volunteers have no input into their improvements. If you are having difficulty finding your dashboard, where you can post normally, please make a bookmark as suggested by timethief here:

    Beyond following “RULES” being polite is much more likely to result in assistance.


    Thanks to the volunteers for the note on disabling instant feedback — it had been annoying me but not to the point where I wanted to ask about it.

    So sometimes an unfair and inappropriate comment does produce a positive outcome — my personal thanks to the volunteers (and not the commenter).



    I’m glad what I posted helped you disable get instant feedback. I appreciated your thanks and I’m sure the other Volunteers will too.


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    Your thanks is welcome:
    all of us volunteers appreciate thank-yous…



    ~~ Hope you have a good day Tess. :)


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    I am. ≥^!^≤
    why do you ask? I didn’t mean to step on anyone’s toes: it is very gratifying to get thank you comments…



    I would’ve replied much earlier if the thing would’ve let me reply. Sorry for the attitude, but I get extremely frustrated with web sites/programs/apps etc. that don’t work that great. I do apologize!

    But the thing telling me I had no username when I did — it just seems whenever I come in to do a post I have to do a song and dance.

    I appreciate the fact that you are all volunteers and are helpful, I really do mean it and I hope ya’ll will forgive me for my frustrations.


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    Did making the bookmark as in the link I provided help?
    using this format with your own blog-name:

    As for why you can’t always link to your blog, it may be an issue with your browser and not with WordPress:



    It is not wordpress that is weird, it is the clowns who control it that are weird. They are also clowns who know nothing about life and about what people want and are looking for. My other 2 blogs are the most popular on the web. They both deal with sexual relationships, and my links deal with stuff that everyone needs for their sexual relationships. That is what life is all about. Sex is what makes the world go round. Unless, you work for this asshole group of cretins. I am pissed off.


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    LOL! Only ask my husband how much time I “waste” here as a volunteer.

    I assure you that I do not work for WordPress.
    I laugh only because I don’t know what else to do in response.

    We volunteers try our best to help any and everyone who asks questions here.

    Seriously, I think that WordPress.com is a great way for a person on a budget to establish a web presence. If you find this platform not to your taste, then perhaps you should realize that there are two very distinct and separate sorts of WordPress. If .com is not your cup-of-tea, then perhaps .org would be:

    I wish you the best.


    I have been with WP for six months. Not long I admit compared to some like most of the volunteers, but in that time, I have always been treated with courtesy and good manners by said volunteers, and I treat them in like manner.
    I think this persistent rudeness, sarcasm and swearing at people who are doing their best to help is frankly intolerable.

    I’m pleased to see that twistedkilt was gracious enough to apologise.

    Sorry, but I had to say something. Now, goodnight all.


    I, too, have found a needed answer: the Goal Post message can now be gone from my blog. Thanks to all, especially the volunteers!


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    You are most gallant. Best wishes for your future blogging!

    I’ll close this thread, and if the OP needs more assistance, the forums here remain open.


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    Happy blogging to you as well.

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