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Wordpress keeps "forgetting" my user name/account!!!

  1. I have had numerous blogs under several names. I have since deleted my blogs and started another wordpress blog with a friend which is hosted on his domain. He gave me a wordpress username and password which I sometimes can use without any issues as I have the user name and password "saved" through Firefox. HOWEVER other times I come back it acts like my username never existed and it keeps defaulting to my old old old username that I haven't used in ages. Why does it keep "fogetting" my new name/account??? I can't post on my bog if I can't access it! VERY frustrating.

  2. And we can't begin to give you accurate help without a link to the blog you are having trouble with.

  3. here's a link to the blog

    My really old name on here was Motionworld (as you can see) but I haven't used this name in forever. My new name "Omega_01" works great for a while but then after a while it just acts like it never existed. However my friend can log onto the "Omega_01" account on his computer just fine. I on the other hand cannot. I assume it's something browser related (?) on my end but i've tried both Firefox and Chrome with no luck...

  4. That's a self-hosted WordPress blog, which means you are in the wrong forum. Please ask your question at

    You are currently in a forum for blogs hosted by and our answers will not apply to your situation. Thanks and I hope you find a solution to your problem soon.

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