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    REGARDING ISSUE:https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/wp-changed-format-of-my-pictures-why/page/3?replies=71#post-759243
    Still no resolution regarding this issue? Not to sound impatient but a reply from staff would be appreciated regarding this issue instead of just expecting users to faf around until they find this thread and then wait til whenever for a reply. I must say that I do find this way of dealing with major problems very unprofessional and im sure wordpress could do better than this.Wordpress do seem to have a awful bad habit of rolling out “updates” which seem to cause more problems than they solve without prior testing and then expecting the user to trawl the internet in hopes of a solution to a problem they have not created! Perhaps wordpress could send out a notification of upcoming changes stating when they will be rolled out so that if users do notice problems they dont spend all day p**s ar**ing around to fimd they couldnt solve it anyway.. communication is the key and sadly it something wordpress really need to get their heads around!



    As you have already posted into the other active threads on this issue, and as we Volunteers have no information beyond what all other bloggers have, posting here is not helpful. Staff are working on this issue and when they have a fix they will post that into the primary threads on the issue. Posting additional threads does not expedite anything.


    @timethief The post is adressed to staff not volunteers and it is observations that I have noticed, if you have nothing usefull to contrubute and are not staff please refrain from posting unhelpful comments on a subject which you cannot resolve. Trolling comments which you deem unhelpful because they are not full of praise and admiration only infuriates the user more and shows you to be bias.I did not ask for your opinion and do not want it either, we have had our run in before so please stop trolling my thread and let me have my say, free speech is still allowed, I do not need to be told by you what is helpfull and what is not.If you wish to know what is helpfull try reading the post and suggesting it to the staff!



    This is a peer support forum where Volunteers answer support questions. Staff do monitor these threads from time to time but if you wish to contact Staff directly then here’s the link. http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/


    So how does one go about posting in the staff questions part of this forum?



    By clicking the link I provided and completing a support ticket.



    Alternatively you can click the “help link on the top right hand corner of your Admin page.



    WordPress.com has always been a testing ground for beta code. Having your blog used as Automattic’s sandbox is part of the tradeoff for not having to pay for your hosting. I realise that a number of people do pay for extra features, but that’s their choice; I wouldn’t be willing to pay for a site that I have so little control over, and that’s mine.

    Having to notify people of upcoming changes would seriously slow down development and be as frustrating for the tech guys as unexpected broken stuff is for end users. It would also be impractical, since most of the time I don’t think the support staff get much more in the way of advance warning than we do.


    Ok thankyou.


    @wank love the username lol and yea you do have a point bud, I do pay extra for videopress and a domain and things I just get cheesed of with it mate lol its every few weeks and it winds me up! I just want me frigging pictures right then I will be happy :-) simples lol


    @timethief I hove posted the question using your link you provided, thanks. if you want a laff go read it lol :)))


    Thanks timethief you aint so bad after all lol;-) Only joking take care and once again thanks :))))))

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