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    Is there a way to show a WordPress like button on my homepage (which displays multiple blog posts) under each blog post? As it is now you have to open each post in its own page to see a like button. Almost all of my traffic is to my homepage where you can read the entire post so there is very little reason to click on a post where you will be given an opportunity to like it.


    The blog I need help with is forestforward.com.



    The location of the “like” button cannot be changed. It’s placed at the bottom of our posts as it’s presumed that we wish our readers to read the whole post on it’s own page before clicking “like” and/or submitting a comment.


    I understand that it’s at the bottom of the posts, but I don’t understand why it can not appear this way on my home page. The entire post is shown on my homepage so there is no reason why someone would click on the post, particularly if they are not familiar with WordPress blogs.

    Thanks for your very quick response!



    What more can I say? It is where it is and we cannot move it.

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