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Wordpress likes and registration

  1. I am trying to do two things with the like button.

    1) I don't won't people to have to register to like.
    2) I want the like button to show on the front page not have to click into the individual posting. Maybe I jus tneed a different or better theme

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Neither one of those is possible.
    1) You cannot use Facebook like button without being a logged in Facebook user. the same is true everywhere else that has in-house features and it's true here too.
    2) The like button cannot be relocated.

  3. The like button i was shooting for isn't the facebook like. Its just the wordpress like.

  4. The like with the blue star

  5. The like button can only be used by those who have username accounts when they are logged into

  6. I haven't been able to 'like' some posts on different blogs (on, even when I'm logged in to WP. But these blogs' authors do 'like' my posts!

    My blog is

  7. WordPress.COM and are completely separate. WordPress.COM has a blogging community with common in-house features users can use.

    WordPress.ORG installs are NOT a part of the WordPress.COM community. They are stand alone islands.

  8. Yes, I know they are different. My comment wasn't clear.
    I wasn't sure but I've checked it and this happens with blogs, only with blogs that don't have wordpress in the name - but are in fact blogs.
    When I press the like button, there's a window asking me to log in. Well, I'm logged in already, but I log in again, the page refreshes, I press the like button again and the same window shows again! Over and over!
    The other day I was able to 'like' a post in one of these blogs, but only after posting a comment. On other blogs however I can't like the posts, not even after posting a comment.

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