WordPress locked me out of my blog please help

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    I posted a spreadsheet that contains all public information, because the people on this spreadsheet are hunters and most hunters are hateful, spiteful and verbally abusive one of them reported my blog to word press. so i get this email from WP:> Reported: http://themonstersamongus.wordpress.com
    > Message:
    > What is happening to my blog?


    After the receipt of a valid report regarding the publication of private/personal information forbidden by our Terms of Service, your WordPress.com site has been disabled. The specific content in question is located at the following posts/pages:


    If you would like to delete the information in question from the above posts or pages, the site may be returned. If you feel otherwise, you are free to export your content and move it to a more appropriate WordPress host (please note, however, that other hosts do have similar policies):


    Please let us know if you would like to remove the content in question.

    Thank you.

    Toby | WordPress.com

    Happiness Engineer

    so now no one from WP will reply to me, I cannot access my blog, i pay for my hosting and my domain name. Will someone please advise?

    The blog I need help with is themonstersamongus.com.



    You have a dashboard warning notice and will have to communicate directly with Terms of Service Staff by using the link they provide in it. http://en.support.wordpress.com/suspended-blogs/

    You may wish to read:

    We Volunteers are asked not to discuss or to encourage any discussion of these private matters on the public support forums. Our role is to direct to the relevant support doc at https://en.support.wordpress.com/suspended-blogs/ and request that Support Staff close the thread, as only Terms of Service Staff have authority in these cases.



    what i posted is public and i have read the user guidelines and the private information. WordPress says the following: Private Information
    We consider publication of certain information to be a privacy violation. Information that we consider to be private include:

    Social Security or national ID numbers (e.g. passport)
    credit card numbers
    IP addresses
    unlisted/non-public physical addresses, email addresses, or phone numbers
    birth dates
    Unauthorized, private nude images
    If you find private information published on a WordPress.com blog, you can report it from the blog menu (near the top left corner of the admin bar), or from the abuse form.

    Examples of information which we

      don’t consider private are


    Photos of people (with the exception of the above)

      Publicly available physical addresses, email addresses

    , or phone numbers

    I shared public name and email address. i have contacted them through that link but no one replies



    This is a peer support forum which is publicly available to all with internet access and as I stated above we cannot help you here. More to the point is that Terms of Service Staff are always very busy and you should not expect an instant response. They deal with all communication in datestamp order so you had to be patient while waiting for them to respond.



    Edit: “had” was meant to be “have”.



    When i first purchased my domain and hosting i had support chat now i can’t find that, do you know why? I host the company i work for’s website with a hosting company and their support is immediate i an not sure why this is not the same.


    Hi there @alafair,

    As Timethief correctly mentioned:

    You have a dashboard warning notice and will have to communicate directly with Terms of Service Staff by using the link they provide in it. http://en.support.wordpress.com/suspended-blogs/

    Please use the provided link in your dashboard to contact the Terms of Service Team who will be more than happy to address the reason for the warning as well as listen to your appeal.




    ok thanks guys! I am so frustrated, and have already used the link so i will just wait i guess.



    That’s the way to go. Simply be patient while waiting and know there are likely to be many others communicating with Terms of Service Staff too so it will not be an instant response.


    Hi @alafair,

    We’ll definitely get to your appeal as soon as possible!

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