WordPress logout malfunctions with wordpress bar at top of page. Help Please!

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    Signing out of wordpress ought to eliminate the black wordpress bar at the top of wordpress site pages when navigating to new pages, or reloading the page after signing out. When I sign out while viewing a full blog article (e.g., on the article page, not the blog’s homepage), this doesn’t function correctly.

    First, instead of leaving me on the page I’m viewing, signing out automatically bounces me back to the blog homepage (with no wordpress bar at page top at least). Then when I navigate back to the full article I was viewing when I signed out, the darned wordpress bar reappears. Reloading the page doesn’t get rid of it, nor does signing out again. The only way to get rid of it is to clear my cache/cookies/active logins (I haven’t tried each separately, just all three together) – and then reload the page. This is very irritating, because the main reason I logout is to get rid of that bar since it covers the first few sentences or whatever is at the top of each page as I do a “page down” to keep reading…and the bar take up prescious verticle space on my laptop.

    I’m using a Macbook Pro OS X 10.5.8, and Firefox 3.6.22.

    Help please, how do I fix this??



    The back button in your browser always reloads the page from your cache, so if the admin bar was present on the article before you logged out, hitting the back button will result in it appearing again.

    There is nothing that we can do to control basic browser functionality.

    In this case, if you want the admin bar to disappear, you can either clear your browser’s cache (no need to clear cookies) or just reload the page.



    The top couple of lines of text being covered by the top bar even in this forum when jumping to a specific Post in a Thread is VERY Annoying.



    Macmanx, I’m familiar with cache issues and I’m NOT referring to or using the back button – I’m talking about navigating back to the correct page using the actual blog homepage link (title or ‘continue reading’).

    Reloading the page also doesn’t work – not before I have to manually clear the cache. This isn’t a browser function problem, it appears to be a wordpress function/programming issue. By the way, it’s also not an ‘either or’ with clearing the cache or reloading – if you clear the cache, for the bar to go away, you still have to reload the page, and as I’ve already stated, just reloading the page doesn’t work at all.

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