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Wordpress main pages don't display in IE9

  1. I use Internet Explorer 9 and the "Freshly Pressed" page does not display properly. It flashes the items, then they vanish and only the footer displays. Same thing for most of the other tab pages on your main site.
    Blog url:

  2. Could you first check if it might be a browser issue?

  3. I'm telling you that its a browser issue for IE9.

    It happens on two machines with two different windows versions (Vista and W7)

  4. I tried all the choices in that list except "Get a new Browser"
    None worked

    The page displays, then the content is erased and the header and footer text shrink to cover it up.

  5. Going to the subscriptions tab from the Dashboard option works. From WordPress does not.

    Often. tabbing away from Subscriptions and back will display only the older half of the entries. Reloading from the Dashboard fixes this.

  6. I'm not noticing any problems in my copy of IE 9. Do you have any add-ons enabled? If so, would you please try temporarily disabling them?

    Also, please make sure that you have JavaScript enabled.

  7. I don't see how to enable Javascript.

    Not too many add ons - one machine is fresh from the factory.

    I ddin't see too many restrictive settings when moving through the list. Popups are disabled for wordpress without a prompt. I don't think that's relevant, but it might be.

    It doesn't seem to be failing at all now, without any changes, on either machine. Maybe some update on one end or the other has cleared it up.

  8. It's possible that it was a momentary glitch. For future reference, you can check your JavaScript settings following this guide:

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