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Wordpress members get error message when posting to my P2 blog. Any suggestions?

  1. Our P2 theme is set up so to allow any member to post on the blog, yet when anyone except those listed as blog users tries to post something, they get an error message: "An error has occurred. Your post was not posted." Any suggestions how we can rectify this? This is the blog:

    I double checked, and under <appearance, theme options> "Allow any member to post" is checked.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I can confirm the error exists, but I really have to say this isn't an error. I can't imagine any setting that lets any member make an actual POST rather than a comment on a blog.

  3. When we originally set up the blog, we chose P2 for that very reason-- that any wordpress member could post to make it more like a discussion forum. Maybe wordpress changed the theme to make it impossible? But the option is still in the dashboard under <appearance, theme options> to "Allow any member to post".

    Thanks for your help. We'll work around it.

  4. I flagged this for staff because I can confirm it's not working and if it's supposed to work they need to fix it. If it's not supposed to work then they need to explain that option.

  5. P2 indeed is the only theme that is supposed to support this function (allowing any registered member to post).

  6. It didn't allow me. I'm wondering if what they meant was allowing a comment on a post, not an original post. Those almost look like posts.

  7. I'm wondering if what they meant was allowing a comment on a post

    Doesn't appear to be, at least not from what's currently written in the Theme Options.

    Here's a screenshot of the settings (screenshot).

  8. Anyone used to be able to post, but since the blog has been idle for a while, I don't know when it changed.

  9. I have the P2 theme for one of my blogs, set up so that I could post no matter which account I was logged into, but now I get an error message if I'm not logged in to that account. Could wordpress have changed the function?

  10. Since this thread is tagged for Staff assistance, we'll just have to be patient and wait since they're the only ones who can give a definitive answer.

  11. Heya everyone!

    Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. I've verified that the P2 posts aren't working quite how they're intended to, and I've gotten this in front of one of our theme developers who is digging in to it right now.

    As soon as he has any additional information for me, I will let you all know!

    Thanks again!

  12. @amightywp- Hello, any update on what's happening with this P2 issue?

  13. Hiya JenT,

    I just went and spoke with the department who is responsible for this theme and while they're definitely aware of the problem (thanks largely to you folks getting in touch with us), they don't have a fix for it yet, nor do they have an ETA of when they will.

    I'm very sorry for this inconvenience. We always try to provide a positive and bug-free experience for all of our users, and I know this is a pain. As soon as I have any additional information regarding this you will be the first to know!

  14. Thanks, Ash.

  15. Thanks TT. Adding it to the list.

  16. Hi secondwindpub and patbertram, could you please try again now? We've fixed the error where non-members of a blog couldn't post to a blog using the P2 theme and the option "Allow any member to post" is checked.

    @timethief Looks to me like neither of those other threads are related: one is a question about limiting tags/categories and the other is about starting a new blog and using the P2 theme.

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