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    I try to embed code inside an html post.

    I have installed wptexturize to prevent smart quote. Still it replaces all my quotes with html hexa code :( (see html source code here http://reboltutorial/lib )

    I can’t see any solution, can you ?


    The blog I need help with is reboltutorial.wordpress.com.


    Erratum sample code here:



    Try this: http://support.wordpress.com/code/ > Posting Source Code.


    Hi panaghiotisadam, thanks for the link, but maybe you misunderstood me, I don’t want to do syntax highlighting, I want to preserve the code litteraly as if I was typing it in a .txt file because I use a programming langage (rebol) that has an amazing feature of remotely execute the source code embedded in an html page (web service made simple !).

    For example: I would need to preserve this

    print “Hello World”

    not being transformed into

    print "Hello World"

    in the html code though visually its the same result.

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