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Wordpress MU blog scraper

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    Someone at this blog, which is a WPMU, stole my post in its entirety, including my custom picture and my smartass line at the end (so I know they didn't just do this quiz themselves) and no attribution. Anything I can do about it? I know the usual routes when they're blogspot, etc, but I was wondering if anyone here knew the admins for that MU?

  2. Nope, never heard of them and there's nothing on the mu forums about them but there's a phone number attached to the domain name:

  3. Merci bien. I figured I was probably out of luck unless someone here happened to know these guys. Pirates, indeed!

  4. Hey, that post they stole hasn't even been published yet! How could they have stolen it?

  5. I've been scraped by a address. Whois turns up nowt; any idea who to yell at?

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