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    Hello all, I’m new to the world of WordPress but am somewhat familiar with HTML and CSS. I’ve got a few questions before I start pulling the trigger on the services I’d like to purchase and was hoping I could get some direction. I currently own a domain name through GoDaddy that I’d like to forward to my WordPress blog, please help me answer the following questions:

    1) Being that I own my domain name already I should only need to purchase the $12 mapping to allow forwarding of my domain to WordPress.com?

    2) I am currently using the Coraline theme for my blog, if I purchase the $14.97 custom CSS service will this allow me to customize this theme and do things like remove the links in the header and remove the footer information at the bottom of this theme?

    3) If in the future I decide I want to move away from the WordPress site and host this blog through GoDaddy or another host will the site be transferable, can I export the entire site at a future date?

    The part I’m confused about is how I would start with the site I’ve created through WordPress and go ahead and do the transfer to GoDaddy before really starting the blogging and promotion of the site. Is there a piece of WordPress WYSIWYG type software I would use to continue to blog or could I continue to blog through the WordPress log on but have the site hosted at another provider?

    Thanks in advance, hope all these comments and questions aren’t too confusing.


    The blog I need help with is spotandoscar.wordpress.com.



    1) Yes, but you point the name-servers to WordPress.com not forward.

    2) I don’t know squat about CSS other than I changed font colors on my .ORG site but it was much pain.

    3) Yes you can export your blog here and import it directly into your self hosted WordPress.ORG site – straight forward usually.

    If you are hosted elsewhere then you have a different log-in but it is easy (so easy in fact that many people can’t tell the difference between .ORG and .COM log-in’s)

    This should help a bit.



    PS – You did not say what your blog is about or intended to do – there are some limitations on what you can do here vs/ a self hosted site.

    You might also review the TOS






    Maybe I wasted a pile of typing.

    skwareks.wordpress.com is no longer available.

    The authors have deleted this blog.



    Replies on a public forum are never a waste. :)

    Someone will find your answers here to be very helpful someday.



    I work with a non-profit which has a facebook account ‘Fontebella’ which I host as admin under my own user name/email account.

    While in word press under account http://fontebella.wordpress.com/december-newsletter/?preview=true&preview_id=32&preview_nonce=fca3feae56
    I need for the ‘share with facebook link at bottom of the post to point to the Fontebella facebook account and not my other daverichey facebook account. Can this be accomplished?



    @fontebella: Hi. Here’s the information regarding the Publicize feature for Facebook.
    If you have additional questions, it would be best to create a new thread, since your question is unrelated to this thread. Thank you :-)



    @fontebella: Correction… The link you are talking about is the Sharing feature. It is unrelated to your Facebook accounts. It works with your visitors’ account.

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