WordPress nor Bing Knows!

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    WordPress claims blog verifications with search-engines is done automatically for users. Bing want files uploaded to the root directory or sitemaps submited. And none of this works!! With Google you can set up a private page with code and get verified. I couldn’t find this techinique anywhere in the vast help support at WordPress. It took a friend of mine to teach me that technique. SE’s and WordPress send users into a big circle jerk and the end users winds up no where but dazed and confused.

    Meanwhile a small business owner is left hanging in limbo with a blog no one can find.

    The blog I need help with is athomasimage.wordpress.com.



    Bing is the third-largest referrer to my blog and I haven’t done anything to verify with them. If you blog, Bing will find you. Google verification has been covered numerous times in the forum; there’s a thread on the front page right now with that information.

    If you want people to find your blog, by the way, it’s probably a good idea to link your username to your blog so it’s clickable. Instructions for that are in the sticky thread “8 Things to Know Before Posting in the Forums” at the very top of the main forum page.



    IsMyBlogWorking.com now supports Bing:


    Your blog is indexed by both Google and Bing.



    How to verify your wordpress.com site with Google:
    Instead of using a page, you may want to use a post, and backdate it so it is your very first post.
    Verifying with bing uses the same technique.
    Both methods work.



    Man I gotta tell ya, I spent hours trying to work on getting this blog verify with Bing! Nothing I did came back as verified. So now I don’t know what I did right or wrong. The Google verification went smooth compared to Bing.

    Thanks to all of you for your feedback. Can you sense a “Slight” change in attitude from the first post to this one – ewww frustration.

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