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    I am hitting the connect button under sharing and installing the FB App and i get the message that i have connected but I am still disconnected from FB. I cant post to FB or anything.

    Everytime i hit connect i get a message saying i am connected but it doesnt connect.

    Twitter link is working fine and i am always connected.
    Blog url: http://sprinttriathlontrainingprogram.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is tritrainingprogram.com.



    Did you follow the troubleshooting guide here:


    Yes i have tried this many times and every time the app appears in FB, i get a message saying that FB has connected however on the sharing page FB remains disconnected and i cant post to it.



    Have you disconnected, flushed your Facebook cache (google it) and reconnected>?


    Yes i did that this morning. i even deleted the FB page and built a new one to make sure and its still not connecting.

    When i hit connect everytime i get the message “You have successfully connected your WordPress.com blog with your Facebook account”

    but its not connected and under the FB logo on the sharing page it remains disconnected.



    Try the full reconnect procedure again detailed at http://en.support.wordpress.com/publicize/#reconnecting-facebook including step 3 (removing the FB app), which is probably the most important step. If it doesn’t work for you then return to this thread and type modlook into the tags in the sidebar of this thread.


    I tried again 3 times and it hasnt worked.



    Not to worry as Staff will help you when they can.



    Is this a page-only account, or is it connected to a personal account (with a timeline, friends, etc)?


    I set it up as a business page so page only. I have a separate personal account.



    Due to limitations on Facebook’s end, Publicize can no longer be used for Page-only accounts.

    You’ll need to either attach that page to an actual user account (with a timeline, friends, etc), or create a new one attached to your personal account.


    Ok thats fine its a new page with little content. i will try that and if it doesnt work return here.



    I have a similar problem….ive registered an acount …personal..and i originaly connected but somehow it stopped posting on FB and when i went through the procedure ofreconnectong i keep getting this error…..

    Invalid/missing Keyring core nonce. All core actions require a valid nonce



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