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    WordPress doesn’t appear to be loading at all now. No images are appearing and the blog’s are not showing the correct themes. I was writing my blog this morning and all was ok. At about 10.40, saved a draft and wordpress seems to have gone wrong. It’s not this laptop as I have another laptop and PC in the house and exactly the same thing is happening on them. I have tried going onto another wordpress blog that I know and the same is happening on this.


    The blog I need help with is notjustgreenfingers.wordpress.com.



    It could be your connection. I do see the post as you expect.


    Restarted the router a couple of times but no joy. Can you see the blog with all the images and themes?


    Cant understand why my connection would stop this from loading properly. All other sites are accessible.


    I’m pretty desparate for help. Has anyone got any ideas?



    Mine is also totally wrong – just plain text and no proper layout


    that’s what mine is doing


    I’m on Talk Talk. Humphrey23 which provider are you with?


    Tried it on IE9, FIrefox and Google Chrome and none of the are loading correctly. Can’t understand why this would be our connection as every other site I visit works fine



    There is a definite problem, the page is not loading properly, tried multiple PCs and all other site download fine. There MUST be a problem with WordPress?????


    Your site loads perfectly here (beautiful site!) in Firefox 14.0.1. It is rather image intensive, and is likely timing out on your connection.


    very strange as my brother is on talk talk and he can’t access it but my sister in law who is with bt can access it


    Can anyone else access it?

    Can you let me know what providers you are using?



    My blog is http://merovee.wordpress.com/

    I’m having problems as well . I’m with Talk Talk .


    I see all of the above just fine.


    I have just the same problem. It affects all WordPress blogs. I am on Talktalk and use a Mac. Our other Mac has exactly the same problem (also Talktalk).


    I came here to post a screenshot, but I see it’s not just me! All pages on WordPress.com have lost their formatting. I am also on a Mac and with TalkTalk.


    (P.S. Checked with wifi on my phone – same problem. Turned off wifi – back to normal. TalkTalk is blocking WordPress’ CSS?)



    This sounds like a very similar issue to that on the other post, ‘Blogsite has lost its apprearance and is diplaying in HTML like format’.

    I’m not using TalkTalk or wifi and have this problem.


    Plus I’ve just lost the formatting on this page as well – it’s now appearing in HTML.

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