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    i have 4 different blog sites and none of them are loading properly. it’s all in html as is this page i’m on now. everything is very slow and it has been this way for around 3-4 hours now. it’s 5.30pm in Melbourne Australia right now.

    does anyone know what may be causing this?

    The blog I need help with is joshgardiner.wordpress.com.



    don’t sure – but I’m getting exactly the same thing – I’m also in Melbourne



    You THIS ADDRESS to find out which part of your site is slower.

    You should also run a speed test using firebug.



    and funnily enough, LinkedIn is behaving the same way – yet other sites seem fine


    Tumblr is also behaving this way. Blogger isn’t.

    I’m in Adelaide.

    Maybe it’s just this country?


    It’d be great to get an explanation from a wordpress person… seems strange that we can still call up blogs but the css formatting is missing. could that really be an Australia-related thing rather than something directly wrong with wordpress?



    You probably won’t get an answer from staff in the forums; they’re almost entirely volunteer-run.

    From the other threads on the same subject, yes, it appears to be an Australia problem. Who is your internet service provider? You may want to contact them.



    SAme here in Sydney Australia, it’s been all day, loads best on Firefox, but not so well on other browsers.

    Then the next load will just list links and no images and no scroll ability .

    Would imagine it’s a server issue on WP.com’s side.??



    Who is your internet service provider? You may want to contact them.

    This sounds EXACTLY like when Sky in the UK decided to block WordPress.com.



    I’m using Optusnet as my broadband cable provider . . . is anyone else using that?



    Why would Optus block WordPress mate, that;s nuts.

    They have no reason to, Optus is a major telco with millions of subscribers . .

    Yes, there is an issue, and yes, all the wordpress.com sites I view, and try to use are affected on any browser I use, not just chrome. The ONLY browser that ‘partly” loads my site or other WP.com sites is Firefox, and it only does that once or twice.

    Therefore, if it was Optus ‘blocking’ all wordpress sites, then Firfox would not be able to load the site, in part or whole.

    SO that blows that theory out of the water.

    Is WordPress checking up on this at all . . .


    @xboxoz360 It could have been a mistake on the ISP’s side or they could be blocking it with filters for some reason without realizing.

    I checked http://oxcgn.com/ and it loads perfectly for me. I’m in San Francisco right now.

    Please contact your ISP provider and ask them to make sure traffic is allowed through for *.wordpress.com and *.wp.com.



    I am on optus too they did an upgrade on the weekend…….hmmmmm. Will phone



    I’m on iinet in Perth and the same problems you’re all describing.



    In Pakistan; experiencing the same issue in chrome and firefox. Probably some updates they’re working on for the site? They usually say if they are though… unusual.



    Not sure if it’s the same, but I’m in the UK and when I attempt to write or edit a post, I can’t see the type and don’t have all my usual toolbar options. Has been like this for 12+ hours now.



    Should have said, I’m on firefox and it’s not happening in IE …



    I’m in Israel, and having the same problem. WordPress.com sites are just not loading properly. I think they did some sort of “upgrade” and the sites are broken. I’ve noticed that many people who would normally comment in certain blogs, haven’t been lately, or have been more infrequent.

    Yet for some reason, there’s no news anywhere about what’s going on. I’m not even sure if this post will work because the site is obviously broken.

    I hope they do something about it because it would be a shame to just let things go on like this.

    …but this is why I host my own, and encourage others to do the same or piggyback on a friend’s domain. Whenever a free hosting service gets too big, things like this happen.

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