WordPress Not Showing up in Facebook Anymore

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    I have the WordPress application in Facebook, but new posts aren’t showing up. It was working fine, but the past three posts have not showed up. I don’t have my privacy settings blocking search engines, etc. Any thoughts?


    The same thing has happened to me – my last 2 posts have not gone over, and my privacy settings have not changed and are not blocking anything. I’d love to know if you figure this out. Thanks!



    I can’t see anything unusual with your blogs. I’d report it to staff if I were you. Perhaps they can figure out what’s going on.



    I’ve asked Joseph to take a look.



    Thanks for letting us know staff is on it.



    Is there an update on this? None of my posts since Sept 4 have shown up…



    I noticed the same thing a little while ago; about 5 posts and 12 comments weren’t showing up on my Facebook profile. I found one way round it; go into the WP app on Facebook and change the number of posts to show and update it, then change it back again. It basically refreshed the app and since I did that I haven’t had any problems. If it doesn’t work, you’ll need to send a feedback into staff to let them know.



    Mine is still being displayed. All my posts have shown up, even though some have been delayed by maximum a day. But I just blame Facebook being slow on that one. ;)


    Call me incompetent but I’ve searched and searched on facebook and can’t find anything that points to a wordpress app. I did stick my URL into a message and up popped a link to my latest post – is that it? I thought it would be something to automatically notify people of a new post or something like that.



    No name calling – please …lol :D

    Did you find the instructions here?

    If you’re still having problems staff do monitor these threads and when he’s not run off his feet Joseph will give you a helping hand.


    Cool – did and done! TT, you are everywhere. Thanks!



    You’re welcome. I’m multi-tasking. I’m doing accounting, invoicing and telephone calls for my husband and in between I’m answering questions here. Tonight I get to blog – YAY!



    I’m having a major issue with my WordPress app. As someone said before, when I make posts, they don’t show up in my Mini-feed and they don’t show up on my regular News Feed either. I’ve
    a. disabled and re-enabled the options for “show in Mini-feed and New feed”
    b. adjusted the number of viewable posts (as recommended here)

    and nothing happened.

    I can’t figure it out, and its bothering me, because I blog pretty heavily, and i’m getting a serious backlog of blogs that people aren’t seeing because my app is buggy. I’m not sure if I should remove it then re-add it, because that would mess up my blog history… is there anythign anyone can tell me? Please…..


    Staff do monitor these threads and when he’s not run off his feet I believe Joseph may give you a helping hand.



    joseph is checking :)


    I am working on this right now. The good news is I’ve been able to duplicate the problem. Those having problems with the profile box not updating should be fixed.

    I’m still trying to track down why mini-feeds are not updating properly.


    Ok, mini-feeds should working now as well. For some reason though the news feed looks wrong. I’m still trying to figure that one out.


    Thanks for persisting and thanks too for posting updates. :)


    Thanks for keeping us updated Joseph, I appreciate your quick response to the problems:)


    I’ve moved things around a bit and it News Feed items are now showing up correctly as well. That should bring all of the regular features of the wordpress.com app back to normal again.

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