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Wordpress not working

  1. Can no longer paste text into my WordPress site. Essentially, the whole system has stopped working, but I don't know why.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You are not alone. Staff have made changes to the editor again. The main thread is here

  3. Hi. I can no longer paste text into my WordPress site - it just remains stubbornly empty, no matter what I try, so my daily publishing has stopped dead. Has this happened to anyone else?

  4. As Timethief said, you're not alone, please subscribe to the thread she posted for further developments and/or solutions for your problem.

  5. @rmwk100
    Another blogger discovered that using post as text works. If you haven't tried that > Visual Editor Row 2 icon 5
    Note that all formatting and links will be removed.

  6. Please let me know if you have tried timethief's suggestion, and if it works for you or not.

  7. It works in a very crude, basic way, but doesn't allow for proper editing, spacing etc. The text can't be manipulated, then hold its new version. It's unreliable and clunky. Do you know what happened to the previous, fairly reasonable, if slightly eccentric, way of using WordPress? Thanks for your interest, by the way. I wouldn't mind for myself, but I post every night for a large group of daily followers, and don't want to let them down. Ruth.

  8. Me too -- I suddenly can't paste text in from Safari, Pages or Word.... maddening. Cope and paste works fine when copying from (say) a web page to Pages or Word but not onto WP.... PLEASE fix this.

  9. I'd like to try digging into this more for you, but I need more information so I can do so.

    1) When did this start happening? Is this recent (as in the past 48-72 hours) or has it been going on longer than that?

    2) How are you creating your posts where you are trying to paste in the text? Are you using the full Dashboard post editor or are you using the editor here:

    3) What browsers and browser versions are you using, and does this problem go away if you try a different browser?

    4) Can you try logging out of, clearing your browser cache and cookies, and then log back in to see if that clears things up?

  10. Also, to rmwk100: when you say:

    It works in a very crude, basic way, but doesn't allow for proper editing, spacing etc. The text can't be manipulated, then hold its new version. It's unreliable and clunky.

    Could you explain a bit more? When you use the Paste as Text button, you should be able to paste your text in there and then manipulate it the same way you would for any other post. How does using the button prevent you from editing the content afterwards? (I'm just trying to understand what you're seeing).

    Also I should note: once you've pasted the text, you can click the button again to toggle that mode off, which maybe will resolve this issue.

  11. Happened in last 24 hours; I'm using the full Dashboard post editor; happens whenever I try to paste from a web page using the latest version of Safari. I'll try logging out....

  12. Hi, it's really kind of you to look into this.

    1. It started happening abruptly, about three days ago.

    2. I create my posts in Pages, then copy and paste them into WordPress, making final alterations on the WordPress site before publishing. I've always used the editorial commands that sit just above the box in which I place my text.

    3. I have always used Safari, but could try Dolphin, as a way forward.

    4. I will perhaps, very anxiously, try logging out and logging back in again, though I fear that in doing so I will lose any further chance of understanding or using WordPress. It's a very quirky, changeable, unpredictable and totally unintuitive site, it has to be said.

    The interesting thing is that I haven't changed anything at all about how I use WordPress - it simply changed without warning or instructions, as it has often done before. Sometimes I wonder if the WordPress you pay for would be any better, but nothing about the free one has impressed me enough to make me want to become more committed to WordPress as a vehicle for my daily blogs.

    I've printed out your suggestions, and will try them later today, perhaps with support from my husband. Thank you so much for trying to help.

    With best wishes from Ruth.

  13. Our developers believe the issue of pasting into an editor window has been fixed. Please try clearing your browser cache and then try it now to see if it works.

    Also to @rmwk100 - my suggestion to log out, clear things and log back in just ensures that everything is refreshed, so if we've made changes you can make sure you are loading the most current version of everything. It's not generally necessary but I've found that it sometimes helps when things seem weird. Kind of the version of turning your computer off and restarting. :)

  14. Hi, Jackie, I've just done several of the things you suggested:

    Logged out and in again to WordPress , managed to remove cookies etc with husband's help, and finally, installed Chrome on my MacBook, and accessed my WordPress site via that new route. Things are looking more normal, but until I publish tomorrow, and try to caps and paste a new blog in the evening, I won't know for sure whether or not I can now manipulate the text like I used to.

    Meanwhile, I can't tell you how grateful I am for all your interest and help. Thank you SO much. With very best wishes from Ruth XXXX

  15. Sorry, that should have been "copy and paste", not "caps and paste"!!

  16. You're very welcome. I hope things are now working for you again.

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