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    Ok, I looked through most of this forum and had not found a yes no type of answer. I am wondering if I wanted to say make my own themes and layout etc. for my wp.com account is it worth using WP.org installed on computer to do the visuals and such and then upload (link to) files that are need. Is there a way to use the wordpress.org software thats on my computer to actually upload posts, to edit, and the such? Or am I just wasting space on my computer by have all the stuff need to do the editing and uploading (if possible) to wordpress.com. I hope its clear to what I am asking if not will explain any questions. Thanks in advance.


    We cannot upload themes here at wordpress.com and are limited to the ones shown under presentation > themes. You can, with the CSS upgrade ($15), modify the appearance of the themes here on wordpress, and Sandbox is the one that is most wide open and customizable via CSS.

    A recent Sandbox CSS customization contest was held, and you can look at what some of the people did with it here: http://ntuat.wordpress.com/ .

    If you need more control, then you would need to get a domain and web host and download and install the software from wordpress.org.


    One additional note: The CSS upgrade is not recommended for people who do not have CSS experience, and there is no official help here at wordpress on CSS customization. There are however several CSS guru’s that pop in from time to time and answer questions, and there is actually a CSS forum here at wordpress where people can share their accomplishments and ask questions.

    CSS customization forum: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/forum.php?id=3&page



    If you purchase the CSS upgrade, use this tool to see how your site looks in other browsers. Bloggers usually have problems on IE:



    Good addition to the discussion.



    Thanks for answers and input…


    You are very welcome, and happy blogging.

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