WordPress on localhost and on my own server

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    Hy everybody!

    I am from Austria and I am now working with WordPress for a long time. We learnt how to use WordPress at school, we need our own Blog and we also added a Blog to our localhost, customized it, and load it up to a Provider, where we have to pay for the Domain and the Webspace and so on.

    Now i have my own private blog. I would like to change some settings in the CSS-parts of the blog. but thats not possible without downloading it. Furthermore i would like to add a Smooth-Gallery or something like that to my blog. So i have to download it to my localhost and so on. Thats no problem, but i don’t know, where to upload the blog later. I am 18 years old, and I don’t have enough money to pay for the domain and the server.

    My main-question now: does anybody know a good provider to upload a wordpress application without paying for it.

    i hope you could understand my english, hope for a response soon.

    greetings from Austria, gatsch

    The blog I need help with is worldoffishing.wordpress.com.



    You should ask over at http://www.wordpress.org/support as everyone here most likely uses WordPress.com. Everyone in the .org forums will be using the software to which you are referring.



    okay, thanks a lot

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