wordpress or plugin to send automatically an email?

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    Dear all,

    My website will have a membership area.
    The people who will sign up will have to be approved by a member who will have to be mentioned during the signing up.
    Please, do you know how
    – I can add a field where the person who will sign up will also have to write the email of a member?
    – WordPress or a plugin can send automatically en email to the mentioned person?
    – WordPress or a plugin can write automatically a link in this email, so that the mentioned person will just have to click on the link to approve the subscription?
    – I can register all the approvals (i.e. of who from who)?
    I would be very pleased to know the answers :-)

    Sincerely yours

    The blog I need help with is zjld.wordpress.com.



    Hi there,

    You posted in the WordPress.com forums. We only provide support here for free WordPress.com sites, and these sites cannot use plugins. That means this forum is not the best place to ask for advice on specific plugins, as the people who use these forums don’t use plugins and therefore also don’t have any experience with them.

    Please try asking in the self-hosted WordPress forums instead. You can also search the plugin directory on WordPress.org to see what is available there.





    Thank you very much kokkieh for your answer
    My WordPress.com site is free. I hope you will register one day there.
    Thank you again :-)

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