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WordPress outages

  1. One of our datacenters lost power, taking out a bunch of our servers with it.

    We're doing our best to get everything back in order, but you're sure to see some glitches for a bit.

    In particular, you won't be able to write any new content for the next... call it an hour. None of your old content is missing or in danger, though.

  2. no wonder i had problem the last few hours. can't wait for it to be up...

  3. hope you get it fixed soon!

  4. Ouch! Hope the recovery goes smoothly for you.

  5. thanks for all your efforts and work to get us back up.

  6. Hi,

    Just an update to the issue. There was indeed a power outage in one of our facilities. For the time being we have disabled your dashboards to make sure no content is lost when posting. Your blogs, however, should be online and functioning. We will probably have to extend the dashboard downtime past the 25ish minutes it says currently. How long will depend on the datacenter. If it is going to be an extended outage, we will start moving that functionality over to another datacenter to get things online as quickly as possible. As I have more updates I will post them here.

  7. We are currently investigating why some blogs are showing a Server Maintenance error... Should be resolved shortly.

  8. The outage occurred just as I was saving a very long post :-( got my fingers crossed but not very hopeful...

  9. Looks like everything is back up. For me at least.

  10. Now working for me too.

  11. Thank you for the update

  12. I'm back in my dashboard but an image attached to a post from earlier in the day is not showing up any longer...

  13. Thank you for the update

  14. Everything should be back up and running now.


    Link to the image please?

  15. @barry

    Wait - I manually input the url and it seems to be fine now... thanks for your attentiveness, though! You guys are good.

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