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Wordpress page failure

  1. I'm having a lot of problems since two weeks ago. Since yesterday, I can't upload images, get the short URL, add tags... The buttons will not respond.

    I having the same problem in Firefox, IE, Chrome and Safari. And I have tried using a MAC and a Win PC.
    Blog url:

  2. Can you please try clearing out your cache and cookies? Also make sure you are running the latest browser version.

  3. The things that you have suggested fixed the problem for a while, but now and then, when pressing a button, the page does not seem to respond.

    I have all my browsers updated.

  4. Howdy,

    Are all of these computers on the same network? If so, could you try resetting your router?

    Don't hesitate to contact us again if you need anymore help.

  5. It would also be helpful if you could provide the following details for me. Please send your response to and reference the following link:

    What is your IP address?

    Can you try loading the following sites and provide trace routes for any that are not working for you or that are running very slowly?

    How to do a traceroute on Windows:

    1. Go to Start -> Run
    2. Type "cmd" and press Enter
    3. When the command prompt comes up, type in tracert and press Enter
    4. We are looking for anything that shows a large number of timeouts. If you see anything like that, copy and paste the results into a reply here.

    How to do a traceroute on a Mac:

    1. Go to Applications -> Utilities -> Network Utility.
    2. Click the Traceroute option at the top.
    3. Type in the domain that is not working for you and hit Enter.
    4. Look for anything that shows a large number of timeouts. If you see anything like that, copy and paste the results into a reply here.


  6. I have tried both at work and from home, same results. I have just tried to upload an image at home: the first time world just fine. The second time, when I try to select an image from my Media Library, the "show" button does not respond.

    I have uploaded the web sites you mentioned and they upload quickly and without any problems.

  7. I should mention that my wife has the same problems, so it is not just me (different computer and from different locations).

  8. Were you able to send in an email with the information requested above? We'll need that proceed.

    If you did, we'll followup via email as soon as we can.

  9. macmanx, I've just sent the e-mail with the info you requested.

  10. Thanks, we'll reply via email as soon as we can.

  11. Still no news?

  12. I can't find any requests from you. Did you send it from the email address on your account?

  13. No, I sent it from my personal account, subject: ""

  14. Thanks, we'll try to track it down and reply. Sorry for the wait. You should hear something by tomorrow.

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