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Wordpress page stops loading

  1. I've been trying to access my site ( on my computer for the past few days but the page just doesn't load. No matter the browser I use (firefox, safari, chrome, IE) it just gives me a blank page.

    However, when I try accessing the site from my workplace computer (and my friends' computers as well) it works just fine! I can log in, etc. I have no idea why on my computer the page just stops loading after a while; I can't even log into the site.

    Some help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It's your IP address. Can you have your ISP change it? I am trying to do the same since I can't reach my site since Thursday as well.

  3. Tell me something when was the last time you deleted your internet history and cookies? Sometimes and I could be way off here but sometimes I do that and it fixes issues with pages not loading or having trouble signing in to websites.

  4. It could also be the connection problems reported by users in specific parts of the world. If emptying cache and cookies as bats suggested does not work, you need to contact staff. More info here:

  5. Another thread by people in Singapore was narrowing it down to a specific ISP, I believe. I'm sorry, not sure which thread - I just noticed it when browsing through. If you are in Singapore, it might be worth searching for the thread.

  6. @teamoyeniyi:

    Ah that has been very helpful. Looks like I'm not alone where this problem is concerned. Thank you!

  7. Well that sucks, I was hoping for the easy fix for you guys.

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