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    “contact support” is a misnomer. It gives me no way to contact support. I actually need to talk to a human being.

    The blog I need help with is cyndethallison.wordpress.com.


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    Except for our friendly auto responder for folks who ask about WordPress.org sites (or who don’t specify a wp.com link), we are all live humans.

    There is no support phone service. Please ask your question. These forums are a collaboration between experienced volunteers and staff: if we volunteers cannot help, then we’ll tag this thread for staff assistance.

    But no one can help unless you provide specifics about the problem you are experiencing. Please ask, and we will help you.



    The thing is, I don’t have ‘a question’. I have a series of linked questions. If this then what about that, but if the answer is this, then what about that? Very hard to do via email. From what the tutorial says about Gravatar, I can’t tell what I’m doing when I set up. For starters: 1. Can i have a photo of myself on my profile without using Gravatar? 2. When I fill out my name, email address, etc, is that public, or only my Display name? 3. It appears that things are linked to my email, but I can’t tell what, exactly. 4. It talks like whatever I put here will proliferate out onto the web in ways beyond WordPress. True? Where and how? I do not want my Facebook page linked to WordPress via my email or any other way. But it looks like that might happen.



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