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    Hi all,
    I’ve gotten as far as I can with my understanding of how the whole blog/podcast thing works, so if you can bear with me, I’ll try to detail my problem.

    I have a blog – http://stusshed.wordpress.com

    It contains inline video (and links to the original mp4 files), text & image posts.
    I send the WordPress feed to Feedburner to enclose it so iTunes can recognise my video posts for my video podcast. This all works, but a problem is starting to occur…The Problem.

    The feed from WordPress is growing too large – feedburner is converting the entire thing and iTunes is starting to drop off earlier episodes. iTunes seemingly can’t deal with an ever-increasing feed size, so they say the problem is with my feedburner feed. Feedburner doesn’t allow only the content intended for iTunes to be included in their feed, and say the problem is with the original WordPress feed.

    The original WordPress feed (as expected) includes everything, and is automatically generated.

    So to my question: how do I get (manually write or otherwise) a feed from WordPress that only includes my posts intended for iTunes? Can I write my own feed, and in doing so – where do I store it in my WordPress blog, so that anyone ‘discovering’ my iTunes Podcast and click the link will find my actual WordPress blog?

    I am positive that I am not the only one trying to do this – how do others deal with episodes dropping off iTunes that originate from their WordPress blog?

    Any help would be really appreciated.




    Ooh, hey, um, wow….is that it – I see how that might make SO much sense, but gees…really?

    Just tried it….OMG – elevate this guy to god-like status – thank you SO much!!! It worked PERFECTLY! Can’t believe it was that easy, but you just circumvented hours I have spent trolling for an answer.

    I made a minor adjustment – retagged everthing relevant with a “podcast” tag, so in future if I do audio, it will be found at the same time, but SO EASY

    THANK YOU!!!

    (If this seems so over the top – I have spent 2 days of emailing to iTunes, posts on various forums etc, so getting an answer, and one so easy is a huge relief!!)



    I’m really glad you have managed to sort this simple (but perhaps not so obvious) issue out.

    and that is why: well, someone should have a luck asking for answers on fora and such.

    for example my own last experience (not in this forums) in attempt to get a solution in the area where I’m really far from being an expert ended by the miserable failure — I just got several free lessons on trivia I did not even asked for… while my original question left unanswered at all.

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