WordPress possibly banned from accessing LiveJournal

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    I have an RSS widget (entitled “News from LiveJournal”) on my blog, but it is unfortunately completely empty. I know that a new post didn’t screw it up because:
    (1) I had seen it working since my most recent post.
    (2) FeedValidator isn’t complaining, MagPie is handling it, even SimplePie is (even if SimplePie is a little bit more lenient… at any rate).

    Regardless, this Widget is entirely empty. Was there some change to the RSS widget’s code recently? Or has LiveJournal inadvertantly banned WordPress from accessing RSS/ATOM/syndication feeds?



    The specific URL of the RSS feed you’re using as well as the specific URL of where this comes from would help. All we can do is make guesses without that information.


    1)livejournal may have on purpose banned wordpress.com, who knows.
    2)how long has the issue been going on? it seems they’re having issues ATM:



    Shame on me.

    The address in the widget is http://vxjasonxv.livejournal.com/data/rss/
    The widget is on my blog pages (of course) http://vxjasonxv.wordpress.com/
    Just look at the Sidebar until you see “News from LiveJournal”

    On purpose? Doubt it.

    IIRC, it started happening last night, but this time yesterday it was fine.
    (So, it started somewhere I’d say between 4PM MST and 8 or 9PM MST and I haven’t seen it working since that time last night).
    That link is busted. They probably delete old status messages or something, for one reason or another. The most current is today and only speaks of timeouts and such (which doesn’t matter assuming WordPress caches feeds…)



    The Feed Validator (or at least one of them) reports errors.
    That could be it. Our feed parser isn’t as robust as some.



    The widget is on my blog pages (of course)

    Actually I was asking where you were getting that feed URL from. I found it though from the rss feed.

    The feed validates but appears to have a large number of issues which is probably why it;’s not working. The atom feed worked fine for my though even though it has even worse issues



    Your “reports errors” is linked, but there’s no actual link.
    The source says:
    <a>reports errors</a> mind fixing that? :P
    Aside from that, feedvalidator.org shows no errors in RSS or ATOM. Warnings, sure, but (see below);

    No. Like I said, it could not possibly be the feed itself that is wrong *unless* something changed with the parsing in the widget itself.

    All of those 4 warnings that are there have been there forever. Note that a warning stemming from the most recent is a problem from the 20th of April.
    And, again, I have seen all my posts there until now.

    Out of curiousity, I changed the link to use ATOM instead, and while I don’t expect the change to be instantaneous, I changed it about 10 minutes ago and I don’t see the widget populated yet.
    I don’t know whether to wait or say that it doesn’t work for me.

    Can I ask where “the ATOM feed worked fine” ?



    So uhhh. Bump?
    The widget always reports “Error: could not find an RSS or ATOM feed at that URL.” now.


    Both of your rss feeds work perfectly for me.



    You did actually read and understand what the problem is, right?

    If you did, I apologize for the above sounding rather snide. However, I would still really like to know what the problem is.

    Pictures, each step of the way, to explain the problem:
    1) http://i8.tinypic.com/6b1ferq.png
    My RSS feed @ LiveJournal works.
    2) http://i12.tinypic.com/4miu615.png
    Filling the URL into the widget config.
    3) http://i13.tinypic.com/6h7m3wx.png
    The resulting error.

    Since it’s errored, the space for that widget doesn’t even show up in the layout @ vxjasonxv.wordpress.com

    Before, when it was making a connection but didn’t have data, the RSS feed just appeared “empty”.



    And, it magically works again.
    Awesome, I guess.



    Thanks for reporting back. I’m glad it’s working for you now.

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