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wordpress post editor incorrectly parsing Base64 Encoded PNG

  1. I was testing Firefox 4 and I noticed that I was able to directly cut-and-paste an image from the Windows XP Clipboard into a WordPress New Post UI, and firefox does its magic by encoding the PNG. However upon publishing, WordPress is messing a html definition for a Base 64 Encoded PNG.

    Here is what the correct html for Base64 Encoded PNG should like:

    here is what WordPress produces:

    Note: data is missing in wordpress parsed html. I even tried to add it using HTML editor, but wordpress still strips it out. See for an example.

    Is this something that can be fixed? This will provide much needed copy-and-paste directly from windows clipboard to WordPress. No more saving a screenshot to desktop and then attach it to wordpress.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi,

    Any updates on this?


  3. Above my pay grade - but does this help?

  4. @auxclass : Thanks for the reply.

    According to page wordpress does support the tag, but it is somehow incorrectly parsing it upon save. So I would categorize it as a bug.


  5. @quantumcrypto: In that case, contact staff. You'll be certain if it's indeed a bug or if base64 img tags are deactivated on

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